Random Thoughts about the YA Audience for my Novel “Beware the Ills”

Whenever you start any creative project, you know there will be something surprising about how your product/project/ink-child interacts with the audience. You might capture a unintended demographic with your book, like I have done recently with my novel Beware the Ills. (I’m writing in business terms because to BE a modern writer, you must run yourself like a business to survive. There is no hand holding.) I had NO idea that I would appeal to young adults. I made a huge effort to make the style of my narration in BTI “literary,” and “unique.” I composed the book in first-person, using fragmentation and stream-of-consciousness to sync sentences with my severe dyslexia. Images are weird, abstract, and sometimes confounding. I thought I was building a puzzle for readers to unravel, but apparently the language is more than accessible to the audience, especially those still in the awkward larva-stage of young adulthood. Morale of the story, you never really know how exactly a creative project will be interpreted, but you’ll only find out if you stick it out there.

-Patrick W. Marsh