Ramblings 9/19

  • Friendly reminder that my new Greenland Diaries book is available for preorder through my square store. The Greenland Diaries: Days 261 – 290 is coming out in October. I will run out of copies. Reserve your copy today by going to my bookstore and looking under specials. Again, I will run out of copies on my first publication run, so visit my bookstore today to make sure you get one. Buying directly from me in my square store really helps me out in a variety of ways: I don’t lose money to Amazon. I have a ballpark idea of how many books to order. I also get to sign and personalize your books. You can find that bookstore here.
  • I have already started writing my next book. It’s a space opera and monster-themed (obviously). It will be a one-off story, which will be different. I haven’t written a one-off in years. Beware the Ill was meant to be a one-off, but I quickly caved to societal pressure and turned it into a trilogy. Whoops. Anyways, I’m very excited to be writing a new book in a completely different world. This book is planned, if everything goes okay, to be released in March or April of 2023. 
  • My next book after that is the LONG awaited sequel to Beware the Ills, which is slated to be released in October 2023. The original book took ten years to write. So yeah, I guess I’m right on schedule with the sequel, since Beware the Ills was released in 2013. I’m planning to release two books a year for the next decade or so to get all these ideas out of my head. They’re driving me crazy. Seriously.
  • Fall here in Minnesota is my favorite time of year. Leaves, sweater weather, football season, Halloween, my birthday, all of it is pretty great. This year I will be trying to post a few more Halloween things, especially closer to October. Stay tuned. 
  • I will be at Twin Cities Con in November selling my books. You can learn more about the convention right here. I’m pretty excited for this one. It felt good to be at CONvergence these last few months. 
  • Alright, well, that’s sort of it for ramblings for the week. I’ll be repeating myself a few times about The Greenland Diaries: Days 261 – 290 and preordering it via my store. Shameless promotion aside, I just want to make sure everyone gets a copy. Stay healthy. Stay safe.  

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