Ramblings & GD 5 Update

  • CONvergence is in the books. I loved that event and had a great time. It is one of my favorite conventions in the Twin Cities, and I have been lucky to be a part of it the last five years. Hopefully I’ll be back next year selling my books and doing panels. Thank you everyone for the support. There are too many people to thank, but you’re all awesome.
  • Release date for The Greenland Diaries: Days 261 – 290 is officially October 27th. I’ll be putting up pre-orders here in September. This is one hell of a book. I can’t wait to get it out there. There is a small possibility with shipping and publisher delays that it might get pushed back into mid-November, but I don’t foresee that happening as of right now. I’ll keep everyone updated.
  • I’ll be having some sort of book launch event. I was hoping to do it at a brewery because of, well, beer, but I might have to find another venue. There will be more details in October. I’ll probably make invites a little closer to when I know I’ll have the physical copies. 
  • I will be starting a column on here (if you want to call it that for lack of a better term) called Reasons, where I’ll be sharing why I pick certain themes, styles, and characters in my writing. I will also be covering general topics, like why I picked self-publishing, blogging, certain social media commitments, etc. The more writing I do, and the more time that passes, I find myself almost worried and anxious about nobody knowing why I did these things or made these narrative choices. Since nobody is asking, I’ll just ask myself. There, I just gave a reason for reasons. Reasons will be starting in the next few weeks.
  • Hope everyone is well and healthy. Between family stuff, vacation, conventions, and other things, I’ve stayed relatively busy. The book after GD 5 that comes out will be a standalone novel. I haven’t done one of those, well, ever. I’m not sure which one I’ll pick from my inventory of ideas, but it might be a space opera. It won’t be apocalyptic. As always, if you want to support me, buy my books via my bookstore, review them on Amazon or Goodreads, or just let me know you like what I’m doing. Your support means the world. Thank you. 

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