Factory 9: Part Six

Raphael and Tin One continued silently walking down the hallway until they came to a pair of swinging doors with round windows. There were more drips of water and shakes of thunder around them. Upstairs, one of the Phantom’s stomped randomly, which rattled a ceiling panel above their heads. 

“This way,” Raphael said. He held the doors open for the robot like it was a houseguest. They were inside a kitchen with rows of counters, cabinets, and tables. Atop them were utensils, pans, and a various other implements.. It was pitch black, except for the amber beam of light piercing outwards from Raphael’s arm. The room was cluttered in debris along the floor, similar to everywhere else in Factory 9. Despite the mess, Raphael scampered between all of it like he had every item’s location memorized. Tin One followed. He brushed against a metal tongs with his trashcan body, which made them nearly fall off the counter. Raphael jumped backwards and snatched it before it fully clattered downward.

They didn’t need any help spiking the Phantom’s interests upstairs. 

“My apologies,” Tin One muttered. 

Raphael shook his head like he wanted to scream, but he just took a deep breath and squinted.

“It’s okay. You’re doing good,” Raphael said. He voice trembled like he didn’t believe what he was saying. 

They eventually stopped at the end of the kitchen at a giant door, which was obviously a freezer. It was silver, with a long handle in the middle. Raphael walked up to it and tapped it lightly with the nozzle of his shotgun.

“What was father’s favorite drink?” He asked the stainless steel barrier.

“Yahoo.” A voice replied inside. 

There was a clank, rush of air, and the door opened. 

A second child jumped forward at Tin One from the chamber. 

“Oh my god, you got him to work. You did it. You really did Raph, I can’t believe it,” the boy squealed. He was shorter then Raphael and thinner, with spiked brown hair, pale skin, and a large, navy blue coat hanging over his body. He wore a pair of goggles across his forehead. His face was narrow, soft, and youthful, which made it gleam against the harsh wreckage of the ravished world. A big, dimpled smile was stretched across his face, which was a major switch from Raphael. 

“Tin One, this is Gabby,” Raphael said, shutting the door behind the robot.

“Actually, my name is Gabriel,” the boy said.

“Which title do you prefer for identification?” Tin One said.

“How about Gabriel?” 

“Only mom and dad would call you that, and it was only when you’d be in trouble,” Raphael said.

“So, whatever, I like it,” Gabriel replied. “So yeah, robot, call me Gabriel.”

“Hello, Gabriel.”

“What did you say its name is? Tin One? That’s kind of lame,” Gabriel said.

“My authentic title is Tin One. My manufacturer label is A4010. ”

“Well, I like Tin One better, so we’ll go with that,” Gabriel said. 

The room they were inside was dark and wide. A white lantern was nestled into the corner. Rows of shelves surrounded them. They were covered with canned food, machinery, batteries, clothes, and plastic containers. A pile of blankets was pushed up against the wall beneath the shelves. Above it, on the metal racks were a variety of pictures with faces in them.

“Not bad for a walk-in freezer, is it Bot?” Gabriel said patting the machine’s round chest. Raphael pulled the sheets into a pile and sat down on them with a grimace. He dug through a pile of books on his left and pulled out a Superman comic. The bold colors of its cover looked bright and luminous against the bleak rubble and shadow, which seemed to wrap the entire world like an abyssal fabric.

“What happened to the world?” Tin One suddenly said. The words and their volume made Gabriel jump backwards.

Thank you again for reading Factory 9. You can find previous entries right here. Hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I am writing it.

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