Factory 9: Part Two

“Identifier label Tin. Model number one. Please state the location for salvage operation,” the robot chimed.

“Label Tin? Model one? So the shortened version is Tin One?” Raphael said.

“Correct. Label Tin. Model number one.” The robot replied.

“Let’s go with that than. We’ll just call you Tin One if that’s okay?”

“Tin? One?”

“Yeah, nothing more or nothing less. So you were the first version of your model, do you have bugs or anything?” Raphael asked.

“No. I have a corrective matrix. If errors occur I have the ability to implement change and learn from problems. It is a basic component of all Chronos Technology,” Tin One said. There was a vibrating sound somewhere in the walls, followed by a thump. It made Raphael stare at the door like he could see through it.

“Wait till you get a load of the bugs out there,” he whispered to himself moving towards the barricaded door. Raphael abruptly stopped, and promptly vomited onto the floor in a casual lurch. After a few gasps, he stood up and shrugged it off casually, as if it were as common as a sneeze. His puke was white, chalky, and dotted with bits of blood. Only Tin One could see it in the dark. It glistened like a streak of cursed jewels.

“Onset radiation poisoning. Have you been diagnosed by a medical professional?” Tin One asked.

“What? No. Not many of those around anymore. I’ve been barfing since the sky went dark. I think everyone has, just part of the world we live in,” Raphael said.

“Radiation poisoning can be fatal unless symptoms are treated. Would you like me to map out a route to the closest medical facility?” To said.

“Ha, well, you could if you wanted, but I’m sure it is either a hole or completely empty or whatever. I suppose you don’t really know what’s going on outside,” Raphael said.

“Outside? Origin of manufacturing was Industrial Blvd in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Is this not the same location?” TO asked.

“Oh yes, it is, but it may not be as memorable as the images given to you by your programmers.”

“What is the date?”

“Sorry, I only know the year.” Raphael said. He leaned against the shelving around them as his face grew pale. In a few seconds the color returned.

“What is the year?” Tin One said.

“It’s 2071.”

“Four years since my model was manufactured.”

“Oh yeah? I guess that makes you the youngest in our group. Gabby will like that. He’s never really liked being the younger brother.”

“Gabby? Another human?”

“Yup, my little brother, he’s back in the basement here. We’ll head out shortly, I just need to catch my breath, barfing is pretty common for me, but I still get tired from it,” Raphael said.

“Would you like me to map out a route to the closest medical facility?”

“I’m good, I’m good.”

“You do not seem good.”

Raphael stood up straight and lightly punched the round metal chest of Tine One with his hand. The robot noticed the boy’s skin, which was peeling off in small patterns, as if he was wearing lace instead of flesh.

“There is no good right now, only alive.” Raphael laughed.

Part two of Factory 9. Published weekly on here. Day of the week of release varies with my busy life. You can visit the story’s main page here to find other entries you might have missed. Thank you for reading. I swear I write happy things sometimes…

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