Ramblings 1/13

  • Feels good to be blogging again. No matter how much I want to have a traditional writing experience with my career, blogging always feels so good and soothing for my turbulent mind. I will continue to write here on a weekly basis. Erasmus will finish out once I get back into it. I will also share other stuff. I thought after the new year I would make some changes to what I do with the blog, but nah. I like it too much. 
  • I’m going to share a recent health diagnosis that more than explains my lifetime struggles with both depression and anxiety. At the end of November, I had a borderline suicidal event. I won’t go into my reasons here, but I decided to get help afterwards and have been attending therapy. I have done this on and off for the last six years, but it had been over two years since I had been actively seeking help. Anyways, this last week I was officially diagnosed with BPD or Borderline Personality Disorder. This came as both a surprise and relief. I have always known there was something off about how I handle my emotions, or that I wasn’t normal. I think that is why I’m so fascinated with monsters. I create character studies around them in hopes of understanding myself and society. During an initial screening for BPD I fit every category and answered every question yes, to an almost comedic level of accuracy.  
  • Last summer I started writing The Greenland Diaries: Part Five. I went back to it this month to start editing and writing it again, and I wasn’t pleased with it, so I started it over. My writing has improved these last few years thanks to Hidden Oaks. Not taking advantage of this quality would be dumb. I do think this next book in the series will be the best one by far, but the style might be a little different. It is much tighter and better, but just a warning on this slight change in voice. Really looking forward to sharing it with you guys. 
  • I started watching Coupling on Hulu last week. My wife suggested it. I don’t have a lot of experience with BBC comedies but so far it is funny. I guess it is compared to Friends here in America? I never liked Friends. They were a little too superficial and judgmental in that show, which was the 90’s in a nutshell. None of the characters in Friends would really get punished for the narcissism. In Coupling, that happens all the time, which makes it much more bearable. 
  • Not many more media updates on what I’m reading, watching, and playing. Replaying FF7 Remake. Hopeful for Part two by 2023. Going to enjoy that story and world for the rest of my life. Still making my way through the audiobook The Fall of Hyperion. Love that series. Been slowly reading some Wallace Stevens poetry. What a language master. A true poet’s poet. 
  • Thank you all for reading my work and continuing to support me. I hope you have a good and healthy rest of your week and weekend. I will have physical books available in my online store here in the next few days. Take care!

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  1. V.M.Sang says:

    I’m glad you have started writing again. Good luck with it.


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