Happy Holidays!

Just a quick update thing or whatever. Happy holidays to all, for all manner of celebrations. The Thing is one of my favorite films and I couldn’t help but throw this meme up there. I hope you have a good break, time off, family bonding, and all that stuff.

It has been an extremely stressful December for me with alternating bouts of stomach illness, schools treating my kids like mindless robots, and my depression skyrocketing. Christmas feels non-existent in the midst of all this difficulty. I’m just hoping my kids enjoy the season. That’s all that really matters.

I will be taking a few weeks off till after the first of the year. I might be introducing some new content then if I can get it done. There will be another new things happening as well with Hidden Oaks, Erasmus, and various announcements. I will be upgrading my Patreon rewards soon as well, so people might be more willing to support me on there. Anyways, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy, especially with the inevitable winter surge of the new COVID variant.

See you all in a few weeks!


  1. V.M.Sang says:

    And a peaceful Christmas to you, too. Have a good rest.


  2. beth says:

    take all the time you need, and come back whenever you are rested and ready – best


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