Ramblings 12/13

New podcast mini-episode is out for Hidden Oaks. It’s a short, in season story while we’re on a holiday hiatus. This one is called the Weak and Wounded. I wrote it. The story is from the POV of the monster. This is me. This is my specialty. Hit it here to find that episode via your browser or where all fine pods are cast. This is an outstanding series. I’m honored to be a monster maker for Hidden Oaks.

I’m still waiting on a shipment of books from the publisher to show up for me to restock with. As of right now I’m pretty depleted. The Source Comics and Games carries some of my books, but apparently they’re out of a majority of stuff as well. I’ll let you know when books are back and ready to be sold. It is a good problem to have, but yeah, limited inventory.

I just realized I never watched all the seasons of Parks and Recreations. I never finished it, or completed season seven. I just assumed there were six seasons of it and that was it. I guess the sixth season ended so perfectly, I moved on from it. Sorry to hear that Cowboy Bebop is already cancelled. Live action narrative based on anime is a steep hill climb, especially when Cowboy Bebop is absolute legend. Looking forward to season two of the Witcher. Love that world.

This rambling has started in weird ways. It began with the COVID pandemic we are in, and how in Minnesota the extending counties around the cities have super low vaccination rates and that’s catching up with infections and overflowing hospital beds. Then, it drifted into me complaining that my kids are constantly sick. Stomach bug this last few weeks. Just can’t get in the groove with school. Next, I was going to end on how schools are so hard on kids when they’re young. They get destroyed and molded so quickly. They lose their individuality. What a trek of thoughts…

I can’t believe 11 years ago I finished Beware the Ills. I wrote that thing by hand, between classes and shitty jobs and customers and dumb conversations. It was my escape to create, write, and tell stories. It still is. I need it like a breath, like I’m constantly underwater. I won’t ever give up on my writing, releasing books, telling stories, and creating my monsters. Thank you for supporting me. Be safe. Be healthy.

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