Random Update 12/7

  • There are few things that cause anxiety, panic, and overall stress in my life more than my little kids coming down with a stomach bug. It’s not just running to the bathroom with them or the endless string of underwear and pants being washed. It is the lurking, inevitable feeling that maybe, certainly, you will get sick, and because it is a stomach disease it could hit you out of nowhere; at the grocery store, work, heck, even while handing over a very late rent check to a very patient landlord. I speak from experience. Anyways, the tension. I can’t take it.
  • I have a new entry in my favorite monsters list. Already awarded spots on this most decorated and wonderful inventory are Xenomorphs, Grendel, Replicants, Irish Fairies, Zeriam, and those weird dancing cursed children from Lovecraft Country. I do realize you can argue that Replicants aren’t monsters, but for the sake of my list they are. Anyways, my new entry is the Shrike from the Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons. What a monster. And like my favorite abominations, the setting, plot, and characters all orbit this entity. I can’t believe I’m just discovering this series now. Want to learn more? Just search images of the Shrike by Dan Simmons and you’ll understand why.
  • Playing through Pokémon Diamond with the kids right now on the Switch. It is a good time. I had it on the DS a long time ago, so it’s fun to muddle through it. The new version is so fancy. It is visually stunning, and gives off all those old school Pokémon vibes. My parents wouldn’t let me play video games during the school week growing up (a tactic that backfired completely. I would’ve been better off learning restraint and discipline instead of all or nothing), so I would hide out in the bathroom and play Pokémon Red on my Gameboy. It was great. I always forgot how fantastic the universe is in Pokémon. The setting is so non-threatening, upbeat, and aesthetically pleasing. 
  • The other day I had to stay with my parents while my wife had an operation. I took some time while over there to run an errand, and in doing that drove around the neighborhood where I grew up. For most of my life, I have been haunted by those places because of the trauma I went through in moving on from them. I never practiced closure with my past, in fact that very concept is opposite of how I was raised. I was never taught healthy methods for dealing with, well, anything. It wasn’t until I went to therapy that I started to realize the importance of giving my feelings and thoughts value and actually communicating them. Anyways, when driving around my old haunts, I finally felt like I could let them go. Not because I didn’t think about them anymore, but more so I forgave myself for not knowing how to end chapters in my life. I didn’t know how to reconcile the memories and abuse I went through in my childhood, teenage, and young adult years. That’s okay. I don’t need to keep the phantoms around any more. I can forgive myself for not knowing how to face them.
  • Free book this week on Amazon’s Kindle is The Drum: A Collection of Stories from the Greenland Diaries. Great group of stories that take place before and after the drum. Really good stuff. Available today and tomorrow. You just got to hit it here. Enjoy.

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