Random Update 12/1

It’s day one of dark December, which means a perfect time for a random update/musing/rambling that I said I would never do ever again and here I am again doing one. I’m learning that my mind is just an endless stormy sea. I’m constantly moving forward by going in bigger and bigger circles.

Hidden Oaks is breezing along, or a few new episodes released. For the guys behind production I could picture them mouthing dark oaths at me for mentioning. They do a ton of a work behind the scenes and I’m spoiled by all their awesomeness. Anyways, episode three is up and running. My guest author for the season, Amanda Meuwissen, had her story debut this episode. Really good stuff. Click it HERE to listen via your browser or where all fine pods are cast.

  • I’ve been working on this massive project in my spare time. It’s basically a story I have wanted to tell for the last twenty years, but never had the muscle, willpower, or talent to do it. Thank you existential crisis caused by COVID. Now, I’m going to, and it’ll be releasing somewhere over the next year. It will more the likely be on Substack, but we’ll see. It is fantastic. The monsters surpass anything I’ve done before, along with the quality of writing. All my other projects have been working up to this point. The suspense in this story will be thick enough to breathe. I’ll be posting some samples on here for you to check out.
  • That being said, I’m still working and releasing The Greenland Diaries: Days 261 – ? (or part five in the series) in fall 2022. I’m not deserting that series or anything, but I do have three projects happening at once. I pick multiple projects so I don’t get bored and take advantage of my pathetic attention creative span. Those three projects right now are Hidden Oaks, the Greenland Diaries, and my unnamed story.
  • Booked my first event for 2022. Really excited. 13 Gears in March. I’ll be selling my books. More details to come. Looking at a few more. CONvergence and Crypticon for sure.
  • Haven’t been really seeing any good monsters in media recently. Games, movies, books, nothing seems to interesting to me. Usually there is one good monster down the pipeline out there in the narration saturation. Little curious about the ‘dark ones’ from the Wheel of Time. What’s there story I wonder? Guess I’ll check it out. Other than the last season of Attack On Titan, not much for me to be excited about.
  • Alright, well, I’m heading out. Erasmus will be finishing up. This next month or so. Give it a read. Thank you everyone who continues to read my work.

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