Update 11/12

Just a few updates about what I’ll be sharing on this site for the foreseeable future.

In truth, I’ve never really known what to post on here or in whatever amount. I loved writing the serialized fiction on here from Chains, Calamity’s Keep, Genesis a Dust, and all the Greenland Diary stuff, but the more time I put into those continuous stories the less time I spent on writing new books. Also, as each story grew in blog posts the harder it got to organize them on the blog so people could see them. So I sort of had to pick what I had time to work on and right now its not those. I will probably release them as books at some point or some other project.

Like I said, I’ve never known what to blog about or share on here. I’ve gone back and forth through the years, constantly posting or occasionally, but always hoping that my voice would catch-on with an audience and people would read more about my work. That hasn’t happened over the course of the six years. I’m not deserting this, but I realize I need to spend some time away from it to focus on other projects.

What are some of those other projects? The Greenland Diaries: Part Five, or the fifth book in the series is coming out in fall 2022. Been four years since this series has been updated. People are getting restless. I’m getting restless. Best to get one done ASAP. In terms of the Erasmus story, that will finish up in its entirety on here. It’ll just be dolled out slowly. I’m an entertainer to a point. You always want to keep the audience wanting more, right up until the end.

Hidden Oaks continues to hum along. Season three is up and running. It only gets better and better. You can catch up to it here. Thank you everyone for your continued support. Like I keep repeating in my insecure way, I’m still going to update this blog, but besides event announcements, I don’t really know with what. I can only say stay tuned.

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