Ramblings 11/15

  • To this day, after having written hundreds of different things, I still get intimidated by the blank page. Mostly it’s out of reverence and not fear. You get to do this amazing thing. You get to communicate with another person via narrative. You get to channel all your experiences and interests into a completely unique tale to communicate what it is to be human. It feels good, but terrifying. The mass of an infinite world is beyond measurable.
  • Metroid Dread, what a game. I finished it this last week and it was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever played in my entire life. I died hundreds of times. The levels were beautiful and intricate. The gameplay was smooth and easy. The bosses were challenging and plentiful. The fact that it defeated me so many times made me want to go back over and over again to try and win. I’m not sure if it was masochism, or stubbornness, but I was addicted. I highly recommend this game. It is one of the best in the series. What a ride. 
  • Erasmus is finishing up. I would check it out and get caught up as it ends. He has a place in the Greenland Diaries universe. I’ll be revisiting him later on. Again, it is hard to put out stories on my blog, when I could be using that time to write the next Greenland Diaries book. It’ll have been four years since I released a new book in the series. Wow. That has been forever. Still new one in Fall 2022. GD 5. Going to be the best one yet.
  • Really enjoyed Only Murders in the Building. Not a huge mystery guy, but as I get older I like them even more. I think I’m fulfilling some sort of stereotype. Anyways, really good show. Had a nice Professor Layton vibe to it. Perfectly cast actors in it. Looking forward to season two.
  • I’m not looking forward to the winter. I live in a small house with a large family and being able to send the kids outdoors is paramount. In the winter, even in the mild Minnesota winters we have now thanks to the ongoing calamity of climate change, the little ones don’t last very long. Of course the winter is fine during November and December when it matches the holidays, but once January hits you realize that the world is going to be a frozen hellscape for about the next 90 days. 
  • Life is strange. It is hard to admit you aren’t something, or not capable of being a certain way, but admitting your limitations sometimes allows you to focus on what you’re capable of doing. Like these ramblings for example. I hate them and I’m going to stop writing them. I’m not important enough to muse about other books, games, and whatnot. I’ve got no authority on writing or anything. So yeah. 
  • I’ll still be writing other things on here, but no more of these ramblings. I just can’t do it anymore. I’ll be posting fiction, new release info, appearances, events, etc. Anyways, thank you for reading my work and have a safe and healthy week. 

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