Hidden Oaks is Back!

It is back. Hidden Oaks Podcast has returned for season three. It was a long wait, but it is well worth it. I couldn’t be happier, prouder, and more honored to be part of this project. You can listen to episode one right here via our homepage, or where all fine pods are cast. You can also catch up on all of season one and two when you visit. Again, click here.

I’m really, really spoiled to be a part of Hidden Oaks Podcast. I created the monster for it and write the main arc for it, but it is Bob and Owen who really make the thing go. Sound editing, foley, voice performance, acting, they do everything, plus write, and well, I’m just over here writing about a monster while they create this awesome stuff.

If you haven’t listened to Hidden Oaks or know anything about, let me give you the basic synopsis. A monster has been trapped in an elemental prison next to a small park in suburban Minnesota. One day, it begins to wriggle free causing supernatural havoc in the surrounding neighborhood. The family responsible for the containment is splintered and struggles to contain it. There are dozens of stories in Hidden Oaks from a diversity of perspectives. It all orbits the monster though, and it is a good one.

So yeah, one final time check out episode one of season three of Hidden Oaks. The episode was released one week ago so I’m a little late to the party. It’ll be released biweekly this season, because the world is not shut down anymore and we’ve all had our lives be restarted again. I took a week off from blogging to restructure what I was doing with everything. Anyways, have a safe and healthy week everyone.

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