Ramblings 10.18

  • Metroid Dread is my new favorite game. It has not disappointed in any shape or form. Usually, I don’t like games where I’m being hunted by AI creatures, or a suspense element, but this has been a complete joy. Sure, I’ve died about fifty times, but it has all been enjoyable. The setting, weaponry, the literal sense of dread. Well, it is superb. I’m absolutely loving it. Metroid continues to be a top three for me in the grand world of gaming. Love it.
  • Just a week away from the teaser for Hidden Oaks Podcast that I wrote, then the new season starts on Halloween. That is approaching ridiculously fast. We will be switching to a biweekly release schedule once it gets started. Before, when we were writing and producing the show, COVID had sort of isolated and suspended us, forcing us to work on the podcast. Now that our jobs and normal life have slightly resumed, we have to find a healthier balance, which was already tricky to begin with. Catch up on Hidden Oaks right here, or where all the pods are cast.
  • Dopesick is quite the show on Hulu. It seems awkward to be watching a fictionalized piece of history right in front of us, that happened not long ago, and, well, is continuously happening. I’m a sucker for Michael Keaton. Still my favorite Batman. The show does a good job of showing how all those moments led up to these issues through various timelines and characters. Not an easy feat. The story is further that you should always get your deep seeded psychological problems figured out before you
  • Doing some revisions to my prose style right now. I had been avoiding it for quite some time, because, well it takes a personal and emotional toll. Hidden Oaks has provided that workshop environment and my writing has benefited, despite my resistance. Writing is such a lifelong affair. To think you’ll ever achieve your complete voice or not have anything to work on is a bit naive. Writing is similar to any other career. You constantly have to be looking ahead and be open to reinvention if you want success. 
  • Trying to make it through my Hyperion audiobook, but it is almost too high sci-fi for me. I’m struggling through it because there are so many things to be described in the prose, one setting requires 15 minutes of description. The world is so dense and large, and the story is happening fast, you can tell the author is trying to balance exposition and rising action. Overall it is a smooth affair, just really dense. The Shrike is a hell of a monster. Nightmarish in fact. How did I not discover it until now? Wonder where the author got his inspiration from for that thing.
  • It seems like most of life is trying to figure out what hardship you should avoid, and which one you should suffer through. One hardship I know you shouldn’t suffer through is being around a toxic person that does not value you. I have made this mistake countless times with friends, lovers, family, the whole gamut. You shouldn’t have to beg people to be interested in your life, treat you with respect, or show you the most basic of human attention. Up until my 30’s, I had destroyed my life doing this stuff. I lost years trying to get people to like me, even though they weren’t even worthy of being in my life. I never stopped to actually ask myself, do I like them?
  • Well, on that note, have a nice week everyone. Stay healthy, happy, and whatnot. Thank you for supporting me, reading my work, and giving me this opportunity. If you want to go further than reading this blog post, check out my bookstore, and feel free to leave a review, follow me on other social media, and all that self-promotional jazz. Take care and be safe! 

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