Day 28

We spent the night in that Hummer. I hated them before the drum. I thought they were selfish and ugly, but now I loved them. The monsters were all around us. Their shadows would brush against the car in the orange streetlights. The shapes moved so fast, it was hard to tell whether it might be the wind. I could feel their weight shake the car frame as they brushed against it. They had to have looked inside it? Hard to believe a brown blanket saved my life. Snowy didn’t move the entire night either, which helped.

For about an hour there was a constant string of explosions. Small, big, echoing, quick, and constant bursts filled the air. There was spurts of bullets too, tons of them, a constant peppering of steel claps biting the air.

Then there was the drum, silence, and some cackling of fire.

In the morning, Snowy and I explored the city. There wasn’t much to see. The smell of smoldering oil was suffocating. The sky was the same blinding blue, the air was humid, and the ivy glowed everywhere. Blood soaked the ground, rubble, and lampposts, it was even thrown up on the sides of buildings in random smears. Dogs howled and barked restlessly. Ammo cartridges and casings clanked under our feet. Tanks sat smoldering, machine gun nests were destroyed, and a variety of black guns peppered the green pavement.

There were no bodies anywhere, just piles of red-stained clothes and shoes. I looked for remains of Rick, or any clue to his whereabouts. There was too many though. There was a pile or collection of pulverized flesh around every street corner. Smoke billowed in black clouds from a variety of shattered buildings. Closer to the skyscrapers, where the rally had been, was completely covered and full of smoke that I couldn’t even get close.

Who knows how many people were killed last night.

I found my bike and rode home slowly that afternoon. I picked up a few clips for my M16 and some shotgun shells. I found a few canned goods in the rubble. I spilt them with Gerald when I got back. He was happy to see me and surprised. I told him what happened, specifically the monster in the air that tore the fighter plane apart at high speed. He laughed about that.

He said the monsters thought of everything.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far from my apocalyptic story the Greenland Diaries. They introduce you to the series. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries and its many books: here. Thank you for reading.

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