Ramblings 10/4

  • It is a bewitching month! What a glorious time of year. I love October. I love Halloween. The movies, the games, the family time, it is all wonderful. Plus the overall vibe, the supernatural tension that hovers over nightfall, it is truly mesmerizing. I think one of my favorite things to do is go trick or treating with my kids on Halloween. You feel that twinkle, that suspension between worlds. It is magical, but in a non-threatening way. Acknowledging the unknown almost gives it a sense of beauty. 
  • Speaking of the unknown, how have I not watched Over the Garden Wall until now? What a fantastic miniseries, show, story, triumph, etc. It is amazing. I watched the whole thing on my birthday last week. It is the perfect Halloween treat. The atmosphere, the music, writing, voice acting, it is the complete package. You can watch it on Hulu or HBO Max. Highly recommend. It spoke to my soul.
  • So I’m writing a special little teaser or preseason bonus for Hidden Oaks Podcast that is being released October 24th. Then season three begins on Halloween. Perfect timing. You can catch up on all episodes by hitting it here, or where all fine pods are cast. 
  • I will be doing some special stories for the week of Halloween. I will do my usual posts, but add a little extra. Stay tuned. I have some really good horror fiction out there that’s perfect for a quick read on All Hallows’ Eve. 
  • My Substack project “This Living Cage” is coming along nicely. I have written at least a couple months worth of it already. This will be a serialized story with brand new content. “This Living Cage” was going to be the sequel title to Beware the Ills, but meh, it works better for this project. The monsters in this story are incredible. The story is great. It makes the Greenland Diaries look like a children’s book in terms of suspense.  
  • I’m reworking my Patreon rewards if you’re at all interested in supporting me via that way. I will do this for a living someday, even if it takes a hundred years and I’m part cyborg. To prevent this and get free books each year, support me on Patreon
  • I’m struggling with my anger. It has always been a problem for me. It has taken my whole life to admit that I have a problem with it, but recently it has intensified. There are a lot of changes happening to my life right now. My kids are at school being exposed to the same society that had tortured me so thoroughly. I feel an irrational urge to protect them. To stop them from getting hurt the same way I did. That isn’t a logical assumption though to think they’ll have my same experience. I’m a bit in fight or flight mode about the whole thing. I’m seeking help. It wouldn’t be the first time. The truth is I’m not mentally healthy right now. I maintain a certain level, but I’m constantly running close to empty. Hopefully it all works out. 
  • Thank you for reading my work. I hope everyone stays healthy. Have a great week. 


  1. Sorry about your mental state, Patrick. I hope you get well again soon.
    As to protecting your children, that desire never goes away. Mine are grown up, and I still want to save them from hurt and anxiety.
    No one tells you that you will worry about your children for evermore when you start a family.
    October is a good month. In past centuries it was a time to prepare for winter by collecting and preserving the bounty of the land. The trees put on their autumn clothes to delight us before the onset of winter’s chill.
    Here in the UK, we don’t celebrate Halloween to the same extent as in the US, although that is growing. We have November 5th to look forward to, when we have bonfires and let off fireworks. This is supposedly in memory of the so-called Gunpowder Plot when a group of discontented men tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament when the king was there. The plot failed, and the men were hanged. The tale is that one of them, called Guy Fawkes, was burned at the stake, but that has been disproved.
    But that doesn’t stop people burning an effigy of the man on that day.
    The origins are most probably pagan, and a slightly moved Samhain, which was on what we now call Halloween.

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