Day 27

It seems illogical to write now with the monsters and bullets. I want my voice down on paper in case the end comes. Snowy is shivering beyond belief. She is sitting on my knees, looking at me with those black eyes. The thundering bombs and splitting metal immobilize her. Why did I bring her? I should have left her with Gerald. Why do I always make stupid mistakes? Now we’re trapped on the freeway waiting to be attacked by them, or hit in the fiery crossfire.

I shouldn’t have gone after Rick.

I spent the entire morning biking to downtown via Broadway and Washington. Ivy had eaten most of the highway and side streets making the ride bumpy and uncomfortable. Closer to the city I followed a line of crushed vehicles, which had been pushed aside by the army’s bulldozers.

The line of rubble was endless.

The skyscrapers were covered in ivy from the top to bottom. They glowed in the hot sun, like the weeds were beaming about their latest accomplishment.

I found a rally of sorts. Troops were handing out weapons and supplies to every open hand. People were jumping up and down like it was some sort of rave. I didn’t see Rick or anyone I knew on the crowded outskirts. I expected the attack to be more professional and organized.

Not a kamikaze concert.

They had set up a stage with some big black speakers. An old uniformed man spoke to everyone in a calming deep tone. The plan was to lure as many of the monsters in as possible and kill them. That was there plan, nothing else.

I left immediately for home.

I got to the freeway when the drum started. It started early, like it knew this would be happening tonight. I hid my bike and went inside a broken down clothing store for cover. Jets wailed overhead firing their cannons. Something exploded in the building next to me sending a shattered brick wall down on the desk we were beneath. They must’ve been mortaring the outside parts of the city.

Humans were going to kill me?

Snowy and I ran out of the building and down the freeway. A fighter jet flew overhead being chased by something black and shadowy. It looked like a piece of endless fabric, with a white face leading it. It caught the grey fighter jet, which was arcing away from the buildings. At that high speed how did that shadow fly? The jet came apart in pieces and fell to the earth in fiery whacks. We had to run. Snowy raced ahead of me down the freeway bridge and that’s when we came across this destroyed hummer.

Things are walking around us. I’m going to hide us with a blanket.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far from my apocalyptic story the Greenland Diaries. They introduce you to the series. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries and its many books: here. Thank you for reading.

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