Day 26

The bliss of having someone from my past in my life again was short-lived.

Rick spent one more night with me inside the wall. He was nervous. He was sweating profusely despite the concrete being cold. It was like being in a cave inside my own house. I hate the irony. The world was already warped before all this happened. Now our homes were nothing but beacons for them.

The night passed to the constant hammer of the drum. I thought there would be screams and gunfights with the crowd coming through, but it was just the drum, the sole nightmare. Rick talked in his sleep in small wispy whimpers. He’s bent by grief and rage. I’m worried it defines him now.

Everyone might be this way, even me.

I spent the day relating my tale to Rick. I told him about traveling, my parents, and Ling’s apartment. I told him about the monster inside the Semi and the gunfight. He knew about the shadows in the reflections, he said in some parts of the cities people had painted warnings about them on garages and walls. The entire morning Gerald and I filled Rick’s head with all the hideous things that had happened. Rick was bent on joining the counterattack. Gerald and I told him it was ridiculous to fight these things in the open with groups of people. Rick said that the army had ways to beat them, to fight back. He said they’d have air support and machine guns planted across the skyscrapers.

He left around noon. I begged him not to go, and that it was suicide, and it was going to be a slaughter in the alleys. We’re no match for these monsters, not fighting together where they can see us. Rick wouldn’t listen. He had too much rage. Now he was gone. Gerald told me not grieve over it, not to worry. He said the army might workout, maybe Rick would be right. Up to this point he said the counterattack was horseshit.

I’m writing behind the wall. It feels empty, even if Rick was just here a few nights. The drum thunders above.

Tomorrow, they’ll start the counterattack.

Tomorrow, I might go.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far from my apocalyptic story the Greenland Diaries. They introduce you to the series. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries and its many books: here. Thank you for reading.

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