Ramblings 9/13

  • We have a new podcast episode up at Hidden Oaks. It’s part two of our Q and A we did over the summer. Feels like 10,000 years ago. Anyways, you can find it where all pods are cast (iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Pandora) or if you want to just check out the Hidden Oaks Podcast homepage, you can listen to it directly from your browser. We are planning on releasing the next season in October sometime, but we’re sort of caught in writing/editing purgatory currently. This is a good thing, it means we’re putting out the highest quality story we can muster. Looking forward to building my monster even further in this one. 
  • I am binge writing my new serialized story called the Lutchkins that I’m going to be releasing here. I’m trying to write as much as I can in the month of September so I never fall behind while working on it. This strategy has worked with Erasmus. Before I started releasing it, I actually wrote a ton of it out. Now I write it every week. It is sort of my warmup story. Got to read Erasmus, especially if you’re a Greenland Diaries fan. So. Much. Lore. 
  • Went to a few days of Crypticon this past weekend. I love the event, but I’m noticing my limitations with doing those types of things. Before, I wasn’t as aware of my socialization battery or whatever you want to call it, so now that I’m mentally a little bit healthier than previous conventions, I sort of notice how exhausting these things are before I reach my limit. I guess, to paraphrase that, I’m more aware of my limitations, which makes me more comfortable. 
  • Serialized story writing is something I really enjoy. I have since I started the Greenland Diaries years ago on blogspot. Now that I’m starting a new story here, I’m feeling that same addiction and excitement. For someone as impatient as me when it comes to storytelling, it is a bit of a match made in heaven. I would say that my quality of writing has improved since then, and this might be my best serialized story yet. It’ll debut in October.
  • Vikings/NFL season starts in just a few hours. Sort of my favorite time of year. The fall is fantastic. I’m doing fantasy football, which will be interesting. Latest trashy reality tv show I’m obsessed with is Below Decks. So ridiculous. Looking forward to Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch. Metroid is my favorite platformer. Replaying A Link Between Two Worlds on the 3DS right now. Anyways, have a safe week everyone. Thank you for reading my work and supporting me. Stay healthy!   

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