Visit me at Crypticon Minneapolis

The bewitching season is upon us, which means Crypticon Minneapolis is next on the convention schedule. Starting this weekend, about six hours from when this blog post publishes, Crypticon Minneapolis will be opening its doors for all things dark and terrible. Even if you’re not a big fan of horror, all genres and sub-genres are represented here at this event. It is awesome. It is family friendly, unique, and the people are beyond friendly. It was my first event I ever did and it’ll be my eighth time their selling my books. Argh, time is flying by. Existential dread. Etc.

Hit it here to visit the homepage for Crypticon Minneapolis

As you can see from my poorly compressed graphic above, there is a ridiculous amount of guests at this con. A ton of them. There is always great participation. The guests are engaged and very approachable. It really is a wholesome event for a horror convention.

I’ll be there Friday night and all day on Saturday selling my books next to my fellow writer Joseph Crowe in the vending area. I won’t be there Sunday. I have a prior family engagement. If you haven’t gotten tickets yet there are day passes available. Come pick up the latest Greenland Diaries book, Beware the Ills, or Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere. Chat with me. Talk monsters. Whatever you want. I hope to see you there.

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