Day 24

I heard them last night. They came inside my house. I heard every wooden thump, every predictable smash. It took the monsters two days to trace the hospital back to me. For Gerald it was sooner. Since I’ve moved behind the wall I haven’t been able to hear much.

Last night I could, like they wanted me to notice.

They wanted me to know they’d noticed.

I spent the morning breaking into another house. It was tall, white, and partially boarded up along the windows with plywood. Gerald told me not to go in that one. He said that people had been living there after the drum. The door was torn off just like mine. That’s the sign of slain survivor.

I’ve noticed he’s had a harder time going inside houses and pillaging. Why has it gotten easier for me?

Inside the house it was the same scene. Smashed furniture, torn walls, and bloodied carpet. Snowy started sniffing a door in the entryway. There was crying and someone talking. Snowy started scratching on the door and whining. Someone yelled “Leave us alone, there is no food here.” It sounded like a little girl. They must’ve stayed hidden when the monsters realized the boards were up on the house. Their parents must’ve been killed hiding their children. If my neighbor hadn’t made the mistake of boarding up his house, I would’ve done that too.

I left a few cans of food outside the door.

Gerald and I once again spent the rest of the evening talking about the monsters. I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a routine. I can’t focus on them this much. They already dictate everything I do. I feel so much rage. I’m powerless. Everything I know is gone, like it was a half-awakened dream. The type where you wake up in the morning and can’t tell reality from the dream you were having.

I haven’t written about me that much, not since I’ve started writing in this memo pad. Before the drum I was a bank teller, a boyfriend, a son, and a friend. Now I’m just a survivor, a pillager, a coward who hides from nearly invisible monsters. My dog whines at me sometimes. She has food and water.

I don’t know what she wants from me.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far from my apocalyptic story the Greenland Diaries. They introduce you to the series. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries and its many books: here. Thank you for reading.

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