Erasmus: Part 12

Fleeing, running, and escaping was all Erasmus’s existence had been since he’d woken up that evening. He was constantly dodging from one shadow to the next, hiding from whatever abomination had appeared. Worse yet, was the fact that each person he’d interacted with was a complete stranger, detached from his memory or any prior experience.

Did anyone know him? Was there anyone who he could trust? Ralph had tried to kill him? Virgil had tried to save him? Would there be any common ground? Any consistency? 

Erasmus was surprised how many thoughts came to him as he ran through the trees away from the direction of Virgil and that monster. He was getting used to hiding. It seemed to be his purpose in life. 

The woods stretched on and on, into a dark, jabbing wall with no beginning or end. The trees, leaves, twigs, and branches slashed at him as he ran. Nothing bruised him or broke his skin. It was almost like they were trying to avoid his sprints, or go limp to avoid damaging him. Sometimes he could hear voices coming from the greenery. They were distant, whispered, but there. He wondered if this was supposed to be right? Was it natural? Did everyone hear them?

The foliage thinned and a clearing appeared, dividing the forest. A bit of sky peered down at him. It was dark, black, and star-tickled. He stopped to catch his breath. Despite his constant running he wasn’t that winded. Erasmus sat down on the grass and stared upwards. Around him was a sort of sweet smell. He didn’t know how to compare it to anything, just that it made his mouth water and his eyes heavy. There were no sounds other than a few brushes of wind across the field.

A strange feeling seemed to surround him. There was a heaviness to his shape, like things were being tied to his legs, arms, and shoulders. It reminded him of when he was pulled out of his ditch beneath the barrel of Ralph’s gun. This time, the tension was relaxed, non-threatening, like a fishing line with a sleepy angler.

Again, he could feel someone watching him nearby, a form lurking out there in gloom. Then his senses started to dull and his mind wandered into a memory. He was in a large room, full of hundreds of people lined in seats directly ahead of him. There were bright lights, lines of them like trapped suns glaring over him. In his hands was some sort of instrument. He knew what it did but not the name. The people were clapping. The roar of it was loud, but strangely hypnotic. It was a thunder he actually wanted. He smiled to himself as it continued.  

In seconds, he fell into a peaceful sleep.

More coming every week. You can learn more about The Greenland Diaries book series and also read some of the days from it. To catch up on previous entries of Erasmus, hit here. Thank you for supporting my work.

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