Day 23

Last night, I heard nothing but the drum. There haven’t been any screams, gunfire, or explosions; only the drum with its beating monster heart.

The lack of other sounds is calming, but also concerning.

How many people are left since the first night of the drum? It’s been over three weeks now since it started. I’ve scouted my childhood home and Ling’s apartment. I left notes for both.

Nothing is happening, nothing is moving. The world is in a continuous state of shock.

My supply pile is starting to run low. I’ve cut back to two cans of food a day. I’ve only got about twenty left. I’m tired of soup and cold vegetables. The metal taints everything. What I wouldn’t do for a greasy burger or a pile of chicken nuggets. I’m going to start breaking into houses looking for food. I don’t care if they see me or not. I need to stay on top of my food and water. I know the plumbing will go any day now. I hate worrying about it. Anxiety dictates all my thoughts these days.

I suppose being hunted on a nightly basis by faceless monsters will do that.

I made Gerald go with me when I broke into the house next to me. Nothing had moved on either side of me since the drum began. The house on my right had bleached stucco with a collapsed red roof. The door was already torn open. Inside there were no signs of death or struggle. A family of five lived here. They must’ve been gone when it started. I found some canned goods and split them with Gerald. We also found some toilet paper.

That’s one luxury I was going to hold onto as long as I could.

After we gently pillaged the house, we sat around till the evening. I tried to talk to Gerald about my life before the drum, but he wasn’t interested. He teased me about losing weight. I had lost close to 20 pounds since the drum started.

Gerald thinks the monsters are aliens or something. I don’t think so. He said they attacked us already knowing how we would react. He said they must’ve been watching us for a while. I don’t think they’re aliens. He also said it could be the end of days. The devil had come for earth. I didn’t believe that either. A biblical apocalypse wouldn’t take this long.

The drum has just started, time to stop writing and put out the light. Snowy is whining in her sleep. She never did until this green hell, and the drum.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far from my apocalyptic story the Greenland Diaries. They introduce you to the series. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries and its many books: here. Thank you for reading.

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