Day 19

I haven’t been able to journal recently, not since they broke into my house a few days ago. They tore open the doors, smashed a window, and almost buckled in the floor. I couldn’t fix anything. I couldn’t clean. There could be no trace of interference. 

They would know I was here.

The house was completely open now. I felt violated and unsecure. The monsters only came out with the drum, but the open door meant any passerby could waltz right in for supplies. They’d find me and my dog. They might have guns and get nervous. There might be a shootout.

I know those situations are on the horizon.

I must have security in my own home. My dad said a while back that when the basement was remodeled by my uncle Doug, the Beaver Board he installed as walls was never insulated. I cut a piece out, behind my false box wall, beneath the stairs. There was enough empty space between the wall and foundation for me to turn around or walk.

It was perfect.

I could hide away even further behind my wall of boxes. I could crawl inside and lay down. I’d replace the wall from the inside. They’d never know the difference. The bricks were a little cold, but I could put blankets down on everything. There were a ton of bugs running around. The soil wasn’t far away. I sprayed the place at least four times with insecticide. Bugs had gone wild since the drum had started.

I cut out other portions of the walls throughout the basement. Each one I marked with small piece of clear tape. I stored food, water, books, and photos. I didn’t want anyone to walk inside and loot the place. It’s sad to worry about such a thing in this situation.

I told Gerald that they almost got me. He said I could stay with him. I told him that wouldn’t work, I couldn’t endanger him. Secretly, I knew he wasn’t being as careful as me. As lonely as I was, I couldn’t take that chance.

Tonight will be my first night behind the wall. Snowy seems to like it fine. She gets so terrified with the drum though, she’d sleep anywhere. I haven’t really slept since they came down here that night.

The weight of them walking, it was the most unforgettable sound.

Here is where you can find the other days published thus far on here from the Greenland Diaries. They sort of introduce you to the series. I publish them once a week. You can learn more about the Greenland Diaries here. Thank you for reading.


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