Ramblings 7/26

  • If you’re all about the new cover for the Greenland Diaries and want to order your new copy or special edition you can do that through my bookstore. They’re coming in hot off the printer and are available right now. This book finally has the cover it deserves. 
  • Erasmus is off and running. There are a bunch of parts to it. This week I’m a little behind so I hope I can update it. The story is fantastic. It is from the point-of-view of a Reanimated, only he doesn’t know he is one. Of course, there are things about him that are special, but I won’t spoil anything. Hit it here to get started on my Greenland Diaries serial Erasmus
  • I was on my first vacation in three years. The family was in need of some hardcore R and R. I was too. I was losing it. Even though taking a young family somewhere isn’t necessarily easy, it still is nice to get away for a while. We went to a cabin in Wisconsin. Tried Kayaking for the first time and love it. Got a leech on my love handle. Didn’t really hurt, but I bled a ton when I pulled it off. It couldn’t have been bigger than an inch. Quite the creature. Very impressive.
  • Here is a list of a bunch of television shows I’ve been watching recently: Hacks. Mare of East Town. Succession. Lovecraft Country. Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Right now we’re watching Loki, which has the best dialogue and set design out of any of the MCU stuff that I’ve digested, which I think is most of it. 
  • Recently, and this might be kind of slow with everything, but I’ve realized that I can’t take more than a few days off from writing or I start to doubt that I can’t do it anymore. I start to lose my confidence. I’m not sure if that is normal or not, but it certainly is what happens to me. Anyone else experienced this feeling? You have to keep writing. The best writing I’ve done is at the end of my story, so if the story doesn’t ever end will my writing always get better?
  • Finally finished The Luminous Dead on audiobook. I wanted to read/listen to that one because it was channeling Metroid, or so I was told. I liked it to a point, but it wasn’t anything like Metroid, but still a good yarn. I think the audiobook format really helped it, or else the imagery, language, and descriptions would have been obscenely repetitive. I never would have finished the paperback version. The Tunneler was a solid monster.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone! Thank you for reading my work and supporting me. It means the world. 

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