Day 16

It happened sometime in the early morning, which is sort of close to when the drum normally stops.

There was a long orchestra of gunfire near my house. I couldn’t tell what direction it came from, but it couldn’t have been very far. There were no screams between the metallic pops, just the endless drumming. The gun must’ve been something automatic with a big magazine. I lost track of how many bullets were fired. When it stopped, there were no other sounds except the drum.

Maybe, those things lured that person out of their home. They’ve probably been watching us during the day through reflections and noting our locations for at night.

Nothing is going to feel safe again.

Before I walked to see Gerald, I took some extra time to make sure nothing with a clear reflection was visible in my house. I had already been doing this after the experience with the mirror, but I need to keep vigilant. If they are able to hide themselves in reflections without the drum sounding, then what else could they do?

The rest of the morning I spent moving empty boxes from the basement upstairs and rotating things around. I wanted to move food and clothes into the basement, but I was afraid of changing too many things. They might come back to scout the house for survivors. Using empty boxes and cans, I can give the illusion that nothing has changed.

I could hear my girlfriend and father calling me paranoid in the back of my head. They always thought I was too careful before the drum. I guess it’s paying off? The irony is sickening.

Gerald seemed alright. I suggested the idea of exploring one house, and he was up for it. We choose a white rambler with slashed walls and broken windows. It was across the street from Gerald. He said nobody had moved from it since the first night. We loaded our guns and inched through the shattered doorway. There was nothing alive inside. No pets. No people. There was blood on the brown carpet, a wide blob of it. A family of four used to live there. Gerald had to leave the home.

I looked around and found canned goods, bottled water, and toilet paper. I went in the basement and found nothing, but noticed a mirror on the inside of the door. A tall shadow was watching me in the darkness. It was wide, flowing, and had no face.

I ran away.

More to come every week. You can get caught up visiting the Days 1 – 100 page. You can also learn more about the Greenland Diaries book series. Thank you for reading.

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