Part One of Hidden Oaks Season 2 Q & A

It has been a while, but we’ve got a new Q and A episode up on the Hidden Oaks homepage for your listening pleasure. You can listen to it directly through your browser, or where all fine pods are cast. This includes iTunes, Spotify, all the big, heavy hitters.

This is part one of the Season Two Q and A episode. I’m not sure when the second part will be released. I think this is our best one yet. I know I felt the most comfortable talking in this one.

Hidden Oaks has been the most challenging creative project of my life, mostly because it has required a high amount of collaboration, which has forced me to both compromise and communicate. Neither of those attributes come naturally to me. It has pushed me out of my comfort zone, which I think is good for my personal growth, but sometimes it is hard to tell if thats beneficial in my more difficult moments.

I created the monster for Hidden Oaks. I had been thinking about it for years upon years. It feels good to get it out of my system. I just want to do it justice. It means a lot to me that the audience is as captivated and curious as I am about my monster. Ever since the movies Signs and the Village came out, I have been yearning for that curiosity. Even though neither movie made me happy, they made me intensely curious about what the aliens and monsters were, and that suspense has driven my narrative voice ever since. I hope to achieve that with Hidden Oaks and all my stories to be honest.

The modern audience deserves a better brand of monster, and I’m going to give it to them.

The tension of finding out or learning what a monster is in a piece of fiction is what I try to create. I find the sensation addictive and oddly relatable. It is sort of my thing. Anyways, enjoy Hidden Oaks Season 2 Q & A Part One. Thank you for listening.

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