Day 15

My house hadn’t been bothered while I was gone. The doors were still locked and the windows still intact. Some homes that had been fine when I left for my folks had their windows broken and entrances smashed in. That type of destruction didn’t match the method of the monsters. Could it be something new? Luckily, my house is covered by the tipped maple tree so it looks destroyed. But that didn’t stop them a week ago. They came inside.  I’ll never forget the weight on the ceiling.

It felt good to be home last night for the drumming, even if I was crammed beneath the stairs. There were no screams or explosions, just the constant shaking of my house. Not a single shadow blocked the moonlight that falls into the basement.

I spent most of the morning consolidating supplies and refilling water. Plumbing still works, but nothing else does. It’s still flowing strong.

Every day has been muggy and hot. Snowy and I have been drinking water nonstop. We’re going to need more containers, but I don’t want to ransack any houses or spook someone holed up with a gun.

I still have plenty of dog food for Snowy, but all I have left for my food are pantry goods. I have plenty to last me, but I’m tired of them. Everything tastes like metal now. 

I went down to talk to Gerald this afternoon. He was really happy to see me. He actually cried a little bit. We talked about what I had noticed with the monster, the army, and the survivors. The army had plenty of weapons, but needed more hands. Gerald knew this, but he doesn’t trust them. He said that they tried to recruit him and a few other people living around here. After that, almost everyone left. Only he and I were left in the five block radius. As he told me this, I noticed a hint of depression on his face. I changed the subject and showed him the guns I’d found. He knew how to shoot the pistol, but not the M16. The recoil and sound knocked him off his feet and sent the bullets into someone’s second level window. 

We laughed the rest of the afternoon.

More to come. Every Thursday. You can get caught up visiting the Days 1 – 100 page. You can also learn more about the Greenland Diaries book series. Thank you for reading.

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