Ramblings 7/12

  • Well, I have some sad news. It doesn’t look like I’ll be getting Greenland Diaries: Days 260 – 300 done for release this fall. I know I had been planning on releasing it, but with the pandemic, working full time, and my commitment to quality with the story at this point, I can’t force it through or release a subpar book. I am about one-fourth done with it. It is shaping up to be the best book in the series and has some of the most illuminating details about what is happening in this apocalypse. Taking the extra time to get it right will only ensure you enjoy the book even more. Not sure on a release date. I tend to aim for the fall for Halloween, but you never know. Thank you for this patience. I just want you readers to have the best possible experience. 
  • My story Chains, which I’ve partially published a few times here, on and off over the years, is now on Amazon as a Kindle Vella. At the time of this blog post creation it still wasn’t up yet on Amazon, but I’ll keep you updated in my ramblings each week. I’ll actually be completing the story. I haven’t attempted it in years. I started writing it for Calamities Press when that was still around. The story is still very solid. I think the audience can get a lot out of it. I’m excited to get back into that world and finish it. 
  • I’ll be at CONvergence this year as an invited participant and as a writer selling my books. I didn’t get onto any panels, which is unfortunate. I’m not sure how the whole selection process works. I will be at the signing table a few days as well. I’ll post the times here closer to the convention. This will be the first time since 2015 that I’m selling books, which is pretty exciting.
  • Wrote my first poem in about seven years. Pretty interesting. I took a nonfiction subject, in this case my suicide attempt in January of 2013, and instead of writing this overly descriptive nonfiction essay, which is really hard for me emotionally because of the subject, I put it in poem form, which was a bit more relaxing. I felt like I didn’t need to write every image and description into the poem like I do in fiction or nonfiction, instead I could leave things a tad more abstract. I enjoyed that freedom. 
  • Hidden Oaks Q and A should be coming out this week. I believe on Wednesday. I might make a post about it on Friday if all goes well. Our best one yet. It has taken me a long time to get comfortable talking about stuff in front of a mic. I sort of put into practice talking without filtering. That doesn’t mean being brutally honest and disregarding people’s feelings. It is more so sharing my legitimate and respectful thoughts about subjects instead of saying what I think people want to hear. 
  • I have sort of noticed this clashing of philosophies when it comes to the development of your own identity and working with other people. Some motivational abstract weirdness in the forms of memes and inspirational posts tell you to always be yourself and never compromise. Others tell you to work with the community and others. The truth is for me, anything I have EVER accomplished has happened because I compromised. My overall vision for myself, being a well-known writer, providing for my family with it, and whatnot, has never changed. The paths to get there have however, and that is a choice you should not ignore out of your own vanity. 
  • Thank you for reading my work. As always the best way to support me is by buying my books and reviewing them. Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere really. Taking your time to express your opinions about my writing, good or bad, helps me in ways you cannot fathom. Hope all is well. Stay safe and healthy! 

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