Day 14

Last night, I slept beneath the stairs in my parent’s house. It was dusty and cramped, but I was able to build a wall out of boxes. I didn’t want to keep using the same spot more than twice. This area is too thick with them. There were more screams. How can people think of moving to places they’ve never been? That’s how people are getting killed. They don’t know where to hide.

I got lucky inside that Semi.

I shot that monster at point blank range five times and it barely went down. I was just lucky to get it in such a narrow spot. The concept of the army firing into the night against these things is frightening. No wonder we haven’t seen anything out of the armed forces.

I spent the morning doing one final exploration of my parent’s house. I found an old radio that needed some batteries. It was sitting in my old room beneath a few blankets. I like to think my parents left it for me. I took a couple pictures of my family also, I hope they don’t mind. My sister is living in Los Angeles. I wonder if they’re doing better than we are.

I left my parent’s house around noon. The bike ride home was eerie. The sun was hot and the sky cloudless. There were crows and seagulls cawing restlessly. Dogs picked at the empty cars and backpacks along the highways. I kept Snowy in the basket. I was being as careful with her as possible. Miniature Dachshund’s were already fragile dogs. I don’t know how she survived falling into that Semi.

If it weren’t for her I don’t know what I’d do. I usually fall asleep at night petting her.

When I was walking up the entrance ramp to Highway 100, I found a grizzly sight. There was an endless smear of blood blanketing the highway. Ripped dark clothing, pieces of skin and hair, and smashed weapons were everywhere. Some troops must’ve camped out in the open thinking they’ll be okay. I managed to rummage a black pistol and M16 out of the pile. I have no idea how to use them.

The greatest strategy of these things might be that they can be killed. Those pieces of hope we cling to with our guns is the greatest bait imaginable. They use mortality as a weapon. There are more to these monsters than we think.

More to come. Every Thursday. You can get caught up visiting the Days 1 – 100 page. You can also learn more about the Greenland Diaries book series. Thank you for reading.

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