Erasmus: Part Three

He followed the man as they moved through the landscape. They were in a rural area. Surrounding them were rows of trees, fields of open grass, and a variety of dirt roads that had a continuous skim of dust hanging over them, even though nobody seemed to be traveling or moving. Ralph was the only other person he’d seen since waking up. He wondered if they were all this skinny? Ralph’s shoulders and knees poked out from his pants and shirt in boney curls and points. Despite this frailness, he glided noiselessly through each part of the terrain. He followed Ralphs every duck, dash, pause, until his body started to work without a second thought.

“Sometimes they’re out during the day. When they are, they’re a bit weird. I mean, they’re always weird. That’s actually too nice a way to refer to them as. Anyways, they don’t really focus on us like they do at night.” Ralph said. His voice was hoarse from the sun and clouds of sediment they’d kicked up and fled through.

“What, what are they?” He asked, keeping his voice low. 

“How could you not know at this point? Have you been asleep this entire time?” Ralph said. His voice was quicker and more impatient than before. They leaned down and sprinted across a wide square of green prairie. They reached a line of trees and paused.

“I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be short tempered. I’m actually just jealous of your amnesia to be honest. I would be happy to forget the last nine months. I have seen so many horrible things, it is hard to focus on just one to tell you about. I guess the basics is that last April, a drumming sound started playing one evening. These monsters appeared, and, well, they just started killing everyone without mercy. They’re called the Unnamed.” Ralph said. 

The world seemed to quiet when Ralph’s voice stopped. It was already completely quiet, except the wind and a few curious bugs gliding near his head. He suddenly could smell Ralph more and the stench of salty sweat stung his eyes.

This must be what fear smells like he thought. 

Ralph motioned with his shoulder to keep moving. They sprinted through the woods, which opened up to a paved road, which was covered in trails of vines and flowers. Without the treetops he finally noticed the sky, which was clear, with a few cauliflower-looking clouds drifting overhead. The twilight of evening had started to sink into the horizon, turning the typical blue into a velvety purple where the heavens touched the earth.

Then he noticed them. 

All along the road were a variety of burnt and shattered cars. Minivans, trucks, sedans, tractor trailers, and motorcycles littered the highway in a thick and thorough vehicular graveyard. Glass, metal, and fiberglass caught orange and yellow glints of the impending sunset. 

He gawked at them, holding his face with his small hands. His shirt felt tighter and his stomach heavier.

“Yeah, get used to the sight of devastation.” Ralph said.

More coming every Saturday. You can learn more about The Greenland Diaries book series and also read some of the days from it. Thank you for supporting my work.

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