Day 13

I haven’t been able to write for a day.

I got caught on the road while trying to take a detour to my parents. I just now got back.

On my way back from Ling’s apartment, a line of twenty military vehicles came down 694 going west. There was a bulldozer in front of them, plowing aside each abandoned vehicle. All the vehicles were covered in ivy. Some were so tethered to the ground they had to push them multiple times. Walking behind them were men and women of all ages. They said they were mounting a counterattack in Minneapolis in a week.

I might join them.

I looked for people I knew. There was no one. I went around the crowd and biked down Lexington Ave to Highway 96 as a detour. I was halfway to my parent’s house the drum started.

I had nowhere to go.

When the sound began, time stopped. Shadows grew behind each car and tree. Streetlights flickered with light and then blinked to life. There was an eerie howling sound that filled the air. The drum sounded louder out in the open. Much louder, like actual living thunder. I got off my bike and hid it beneath a torn-apart pickup truck. We ran to the forest off the road. A shredded Semi had fallen into it. There was a gaping hole on its side. I had started to crawl through the opening when it appeared. The trailer was full of overturned boxes. I jumped in. It was completely dark inside.

Something dark and cloudy followed me.

I could hear its heavy walking on the floor. It smashed and shook the walls. Things were thudding into the boxes all around me. I could see its golden skeleton and curved claws thrashing. It was trying to get close to me. I fired my shotgun till it was empty. The first three shots did nothing, the last two made it curl up and fade into the wall. I pushed through the boxes and found Snowy crying. After stacking the boxes into a clumsy tower, I climbed out of the trailer.

They were covered with long black thorns.

We ran into the woods without looking back. They would come to collect the body, just like Gerald said. We hid all night in a drain pipe next to a highway pond.

We didn’t sleep. We hardly breathed.

More to come. Every Thursday. You can get caught up visiting the Days 1 – 100 page. You can also learn more about the Greenland Diaries book series. Thank you for reading.

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