Ramblings 6/28

  • Last week was a bit of a struggle for me. Besides just my normal depression and anxiety, I had some random weirdo at Plasma tell me I should just shave my head because I was going bald. The fact that I’m going bald isn’t what bothers me. I see myself in the mirror everyday, and I know my lineage when it comes to the evaporation of hair follicles. However, what annoyed me more than anything with this interaction was that this creep had the audacity to be so bold and awkward. To be overtly rude without a care in the world. And I just laughed it off in my typical, midwestern way. My anger wasn’t about him pointing out this obvious physical outcome, but that I didn’t stand up for myself more. Clearly the guy was incredibly insecure and he was trying to make me insecure with him. I wish I hadn’t laughed it off. 
  • Erasmus is off and running. Part one and two are available on the story page. I’ve written a ton of this one so far. You don’t have to worry about me suddenly stopping it. I have at least two months worth of posts written for it already, and I write a new one every week. So yeah, you can invest your time in this story. It isn’t going anywhere. Enjoy. 
  • July is my make or break month to finish the fifth Greenland Diaries book. If I can’t get it done by then, well, I can’t picture being able to release it for this fall. I don’t want to release an inferior project, no matter if it takes more time. I’ll announce if it’s done at the end of July. I basically have to write 75% percent of the book in that month. Oof.  
  • Wife and I are slowly making our way through Lovecraft Country. That’s a hell of a show. So sad and horrific. The rampant racism throughout the story makes the actual horror elements feel like nothing. The real is always more terrifying. Strangely, this show and the purchase of Doom Eternal for the Switch has made me realize that my taste in horror is changing. I’m not a fan of the overtly gory and monstrous. That has changed for me. Psychological horror is becoming more interesting for me as a storyteller. 
  • I’ve got a new favorite movie that I watched last night. When Marnie Was There is a fantastic film. Filled with emotional rawness, realistic conflicts, and a fantastic blend of magical realism, this Studio Ghibli film hits all the right notes for me. Visually stunning, like usual, the portrayal of acceptance of one’s past so you can continue living is powerful and earnest throughout the story. Mix in a little ghost action and, well, I’m hooked. Give it a shot. It is on HBO Max. 
  • I was sad to hear of the passing of the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura. I am somewhat a fan of the manga. I can recognize its brilliance and uniqueness, but again, pretty gory and brutal for my tastes. The moral complexity of it all was astounding, and I can see why it has such a loyal following. This death also panics me for a more selfish reason, because I have a giant series in the Greenland Diaries I would like to finish, and well, time and your health marches on. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Anyways, RIP to this brilliant creator and storyteller. 
  • Have a safe and healthy day! Thank you for supporting me. If you want this blog and whatnot to keep going, buying my books, reviewing them on Amazon or Goodreads, or following my social media accounts is the best way to do it. I love to blog and write, but I can only give so much time to it because I need to make a living for my family. Someday I hope to live off it. Anyways, thank you again. Be well!

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