Erasmus: Part Two

He started to stagger towards the man. His feet were unwieldy and uncooperative, causing each step to turn into a stomp, which caused  the quarry’s yellow dust to plumb upwards and tickle his nose.

“Are you injured pal? You sure look like it. You got to high-tail it over here unless you want them to catch you,” the man said. He looked around to his right and left and started to scramble through the rubble and tall grass surrounding him. 

“Quick, get over to the wall. I’ll look for a branch or something to pull you out of there with. Of all the times to be hanging out in a pit. I honestly can’t believe it,” He said. 

He continued to wobble over to the wall of earth curving down into the quarry. In a few moments he reached the embankment. His body felt weak, untested, and heavy. He leaned against the soil with his right shoulder, taking in deep breaths between his heart and stomach. They rattled against his chest like his ribs weren’t sure of where they’re supposed to be. The dirt felt cold and stinging against his skin. A gust of wind tickled the back of his head. A few birds chirped..

“Gotta hurry. Gotta hurry.” The man stammered..

The lip of the ground above his head was rolled and pointed with weeds. The shadows were spiked down from the evening sun behind his back. As he looked at their silhouettes, for an eerie second he heard some voices from them. Whispers or mumbles, unknown to him, like the rest of the world he’d just woken in. They didn’t scare him. They sounded both familiar and nearby. 

“Here, I found this.” The man suddenly said, breaking the spell. A tree branch dropped down like a wooden arm. He stared at it quizzically, grabbing the thin splitting end just below its thickened stalk. 

“Hold it tight, I’ll try to pull you up,” He said. 

He tightened his grip. Strangely, the bark and fibrous skin stuck to him, holding him like it knew he needed help. In a groan and a few seconds of panting, he was atop the ledge and looking at the man in the eyes. 

“You were way lighter than I imagined. Wow. My name is Ralph by the way, what should I call you?” the man said.     

“I, I don’t know. I don’t know my name.” He said.

The man stared at him a second and shook his head.

“You must’ve been injured or something, that’s why you were laying in the middle of the pit with Unnamed wandering around. We can talk more later, you gotta follow me. We need to hide for the night.”

More coming every Saturday. You can learn more about The Greenland Diaries book series and also read some of the days from it. Thank you for supporting my work.

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