Ramblings 5/3

  • No update last week. Wife had some health problems, illness, and distance learning with my kids. I only did a few days of it, and, well, the stress of doing that is no joke. It’s not that I don’t find teaching my kids rewarding or anything. However, I already lecture, yell, and teach them all sorts of things, and they’re used to me in that specific role and they have their manipulations to go around my methods. Around a teacher I would expect them to act differently, the environment has a little more formality then their crazy old dad ranting at the kitchen table.
  • I’m currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho on Hulu as my personal show. So far it is fantastic. The characters are very human, the writing has a sense of humor, and the 80’s/90’s setting is amazing. I can already tell why this series is so successful. The characters blend humor, humanity, and reality perfectly into relatability. Audiences do want to escape, but they want some sort of relatable road to travel in that direction. I noticed this about popular media in-general. When it hits a nerve with a larger population, outside of its targeted demographic (not just people who enjoy anime or fantasy, but people outside of the genre) there has to be something universally relatable. I think? 
  • I’ll be an invited participant at CONvergence this summer. It is in August. I will hopefully be on a bunch of panels. I had issues signing up for them through the interface. I might have to binge watch some stuff just to be aware of what I’m talking about. Brutal for a mediaphile like me. I just discovered that term by the way. It fits me. I monitor all media pretty thoroughly. Film, television, books, games, all of it. It fascinates me, and it makes me want to belong. Anyways more details on that moving forward. 
  • Doing some cover designs for the Greenland Diaries. The whole series is going to get kind of a makeover here coming up with the release of the audiobook in the next year. There will be more details on the sequel series coming up too. Finally have everything plotted out till the end. Feels good. 
  • Picked up Pokémon Snap. Looks tranquil and peaceful. God I need that. I’m angry and bitter all the time. SERENITY NOW!  
  • Have a safe and happy week everyone! Stay healthy.  

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