Day One

I stole a yellow memo pad from the supply locker. I hope they don’t care. I need to write something down. I remember hearing somewhere that having a journal is a good way to avoid going crazy. It was on the Today Show or something like that. Doesn’t matter, I won’t get in trouble. The bank won’t be working for a while. I don’t care, especially after everything that’s happened. I don’t want to work here anymore if this is going to happen in the area. 

It hit around six tonight. It was right before I could close the drive up. There was this weird hammering sound everywhere. I thought it was just some construction, but it didn’t stop. Once it started, the drumming came through every wall and counter. It was almost like a casual vibration or something.

They came shortly after, the screams.

At first they were everywhere around the building, people screaming, running, and being chased. A guy with a Twins jersey on came running by the bank’s windows and something grabbed him from behind. There was a scream, crunch, and nothing else. I hid beneath the counters. Something exploded outside, sending a tree branch into the front doors, throwing glass everywhere. I crawled to the basement.

There were more explosions, like they were following me.

The lights went out quickly. I heard some brakes screech and a woman screaming. The door still worked, a battery controlled the keypad to get down there. It has been three hours since then. My phone is holding the time at least. I’m going to hide here all night. The mold and dust smell is driving me a little nuts. The basement had a few cookies and stale chips from the office parties. I ate them all. I don’t care. I tried calling my dad, sister, and my girlfriend. No answer, nothing, not a whisper. It was probably like 9/11 when the phones crashed or when Michael Jackson died. I’m going to try and sleep soon. The walls keep shaking, and there are distant sounds of smashes and screams.

War? The Russians? An earthquake in Saint Paul? Whatever, I’m not going to sit down here all night. I’ll have to pee eventually. The bathroom is upstairs. I’ll try and sleep first and see if I can drive home in the morning. My dog is home after all. She hates thunderstorms. She can’t be doing very well with this.

Well it has begun. Today is April 15th, which happens to be the same day inside the story when the Greenland Diaries begins. I planned it. I PLANNED IT. Anyways, I’ve resolved to put all 100 days on here from the first book of my apocalyptic book series The Greenland Diaries, plus more probably. Its free so many places, I’ll just go with it. Every Thursday I will post a new day. You can learn more about the series here. Thank you for reading.


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