Random Update 2/3

Alrighty. Something new. Something different. Rolling all my updates together into one post for the week. Hard to do. Hard to change. I’m becoming an old man more and more. I don’t like change. The Nintendo 3DS should still have new games. Anyways. Here. We. Go.

  • New behind the scenes episode out for season two of Hidden Oaks. This one is part two. You can listen to it here via the browser, or where all fine pods are cast. I ranted a ton during this one, especially about working terrible customer service jobs and whatnot. So much experience with that one, it is frightening. Anyways enjoy. There will be more bonus content coming soon.
  • I’m on Substack now. If you want to follow me on there I’ll be writing about nonfiction stuff, while leaving my fiction on here. Pretty fun stuff. It’ll be creative nonfiction about how I deal with my mental illness. Thought I’d give that format a shot. It is what all the kids are doing these days. Check it out here.
  • Don’t have the time to go back and forth between Calamity’s Keep and Genesis Adust, so I’ll be sticking with Genesis Adust and maybe releasing Calamity’s Keep in the future as a book. I got to scratch my Cyberpunk itch, and Genesis Adust will let me do that. New post coming soon.
  • That is sort of it for now. I might be releasing a special Greenland Diaries short story collection if I get time to write it. I want to return to that world and have some bonus content I never used. When in Rome, or something like that…
  • Thank you all for reading. I will see you soon. Have a safe and healthy rest of your week.

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