Hidden Oaks Season 2 BTH – Part One

A few weeks ago we released part one of our behind the scenes episode for Hidden Oaks season two. You can find it at our page to listen to via your browser or where all fine pods are cast. This is becoming a sort of ritual for us at each seasons end, where we talk about what was going on in our creative circle while we forge this massive story with dozens of characters, threads, and plot devices.

Season two is all finished. There will be spoilers in this episode. In truth, I’m actually quite lucky with how the whole thing works out on my end. My awesome collaborators due all the recording, editing, and foley, and I just write the main arc, or the monster one to be specific. I’m almost like the audience in how all this stuff unfolds. So in other words, I’m not as stressed out by seasons end as my colleagues.

So anyways, check out this behind the scenes episode. Part two will be released soon, or in the next few weeks. I like to think that they’re informative, but I struggle so much doing interviews and whatnot, I can’t ever really tell if they’re going to be good. Balancing out being informed with being natural is hard for me to learn. I’ll keep trying. Anyways, take care.

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