Monday Musings 1/18

  • I rediscovered Angry Beavers on CBS All Access. I watched that pretty religiously when I was a kid, and I met the voice behind Daggett at a convention (also the voice of Invader Zim). The show holds up with its weirdness, and really strange 90’s cartoon style interpretation of the wilderness. Whenever I find something nostalgic I start to explore the lore behind it. Why it was cancelled? How popular was it? What the creators are doing now? Etc. This always leads me down this sort of wikipedia rabbit hole. I often wonder if I’m the only one with this fascination, and then I notice the comments section, and see that this curiosity is relatively rampant. Time and the internet, what an interesting combination.
  • I know I talked about hammering out the sequel to Beware the Ills and the fifth Greenland Diaries book, but due to the lack of conventions, and places to sell my books to recuperate the cost of printing them, I’m going to hold off a little bit longer on both projects, especially since I published The Eye in the Lace which is a new Greenland Diaries book, and I have only had one convention to sell it at since the pandemic began. So I just wanted to temper those expectations. I still love these stories and I will finish them, but until the convention world starts moving again, I’ll have to hold off. 
  • I did get the new fighter pack for Super Smash Brothers just to get Sephiroth, and I was not disappointed. He has some ridiculously good moves and is borderline overpowered. Back in 1997 when I was such a fan of that game, and was branded such a nerd over it, I never thought this character would be as mainstream as it is now. We’re only nerds until we make enough money to start buying things and demanding brands respond to us.
  • I am working on a book for traditional publication. This lapse between self-publishing projects, Hidden Oaks, and conventions seems like the perfect opportunity to get this manuscript done. It is fiction, it has monsters, but there are some stylistic changes knowing it won’t be hopefully something that I publish myself. I would love to share more details and vet my ideas on here, but I know better than that at this point. I’ll just keep it to myself the best I can and move on with it. 
  • Queen’s Gambit was a triumph. I loved it. It was a perfect little miniseries. I cried. I laughed. I enjoyed every inch of it. Some of the lore behind that one is that it took forever to get made. Once again you can’t give up on your narratives, no matter how long it takes to get out there. It is a marathon and not a race. You’re testing yourself as a person and not looking to finish first. Insert more metaphors here.
  • Thank you all for reading and supporting me. My omnibus short story collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere is free today on Amazon’s Kindle. Click here to find it. I hope you all have a great and healthy week. This pandemic is brutal. One piece of good news is balanced out by three pieces of bad news. Anyways, stay well and have a good day. 

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