Monday Musings 1/11

Took some extra time off from the blog. Not sure what the benefit was, but I’m sure I can invent some reason. I guess I could blame the attempted insurrection or the disintegration of our democracy. That was fun. Or I just needed some time off from thinking about the narrative structure. Regardless, I’m going to do my best to keep Monday Musings going from this point forward, but it won’t be how it was; five big paragraphs and a bunch of little things below it. From now on it’ll be just more like jottings. I honestly don’t have enough material in my head for big musings anymore. This will ensure that I keep doing this stuff, but also not go crazy trying to create content. 

  • Slowly making my way through Girls Last Tour on Amazon. It is an anime about two girls trying to survive this weird, industrialized apocalypse. The setting and tone of it is peak apocalyptic awesomeness, but the lack of protagonists makes it drag a little bit. That is the key with writing a good apocalyptic story. You need to balance that curiosity with action. You can only lean on the survivalist aspect for so long at this point in the genre. We’ve seen plenty of fictional apocalypses. We’re living through a nonfiction one.
  • I need to read more, but my lifestyle is less than conducive to it. When I’m not writing I’m working, being a dad and husband, then sleeping. Reading requires concentration, and living in a tiny house with four kids, well, that isn’t very easy. At my job I’m allowed to listen to headphones, and audiobooks are something I digest fairly often. I firmly believe to be a good writer you need to read as much as possible, because it refills your energy bar on style, structure, and vocabulary. I’m just going to have to figure it out.
  • Hidden Oaks season two is done and we’re releasing some Behind the Scenes material like we did last time. It’ll be a good rambling. We’re already working on season three and some other bonus material. The story has turned out to be really good thus far. It is expanding in all the right directions for the audience. 
  • Got the Regular Show comic, which is sort of a sequel to the television series. I really enjoyed it. It does a good job of mocking the nostalgia that the show mined for so much of its plot. 
  • I have a book of Franz Kafka short stories to get through. I’m sort of dreading it, but I know he was this big trend setter for fiction. One thing all those classical literature courses taught me in college was how to muscle through antique language and metaphysical wanderings.
  • I don’t see This Living Cage or book five in The Greenland Diaries coming out until conventions are back in full swing and I can be at them selling my books. It is sort of unaffordable to publish them until then sadly. 
  • Alright, well that’s it for this week. Thank you for reading. I will have a new part of Calamity’s Keep up and running again on Wednesday or Thursday, depending upon when we release stuff for Hidden Oaks. 
  • Oh yeah, Seven Monsters is free today on Kindle if you want to download it. Go here to access this special deal.    


  1. Yes, time is a problem, isn’t it. I find I don’t read as much as I should. I just downloaded Seven Monsters. When I’ve read it I’ll review it, of course. I’ve also got Greenland Diaries to read.

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