Holiday Break

I’ll be taking the next two weeks off from blogging and whatnot to focus on actually being present for the holidays. We’re not doing anything special, keeping our distance and all, but I want to focus on my family and relaxation during this process. I’ll still be writing in the background. That’ll never stop.

Return date is January 4th. I’m not sure what my blog will operate as when I return. Monday Musings both stimulate and confound me, forcing me to write about certain subjects, but it also removes some of the romance from the process of writing. I’ve been trying to keep my chin up, but no matter how many years I write them, they’re always a struggle. That being said, I’ll probably still write them. I’m such a masochist.

I will continue to write Calamity’s Keep and Genesis Adust. I love both stories. Each have their own charms. Serialized stories keep my skills sharp, because it forces me to round out both writing and revision. I’m working on a project for traditional publishing right now as well, plus Hidden Oaks. Also an audiobook of the Greenland Diaries is in the works as well. So yeah, I have plenty to do.

So have a safe and healthy holiday. A happy new year. Socially distance, wear masks, and keep the vulnerable people around you safe. If we continue to do these things, we can hopefully be back to normal at this time next year. So again, stay safe, healthy, and thank you for reading my work. It makes me incredibly happy.


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