Genesis Adust: Part Seven – “The Station”

The police station in the Neon Quarter was an ugly, concrete candy bar of a building, with chicken wire on its windows and cameras mounted over its front door, which was an ominous red.

All the buildings in Rumeo looked the same to a point. They were an endless line of grey squares with no real distinguishable characteristics besides a glittering electric sign marking a certain shop, brothel, or bar. This place was just slightly different than the rest of the structures. It was tall. It had some esteem to it. I bet it made the other buildings jealous. If they cared. If they had time to think beneath the constant rain and always murky sky. 

Inside the Police Station the air stunk of cheap coffee, sweat, urine, and bleach. I gave up caffeine a while back. I had a bad case of GERD. I still love the smell though. It is like some sort of acidic boldness to it, like the fluid itself had an attitude. A portly front desk worker with pale skin, dark hair, and a slight wobble to his walk, led me through some hallways with desks and barred doors. We then ascended some weathered stone stairs with fingernail marks along the metal rails to a detective’s office for Iria Segul. She was my liaison to all things Rumeo when it came to law enforcement.

Our tour felt like a long voyage. It always amuses me when a place feels larger on the inside than the outside. The door was closed when I got there. It was at the very end of the hallway with a few brown folding chairs along the wall next to it. There was dust all over them. Nobody had sat in them for months. I cleaned them off with the sleeve of my ridiculous coat. I sat down, crossed my legs, and listened to a nearby fan endlessly rotating air into the ventilation system. I closed my eyes. 

I waited seven minutes until I knocked. 

I lightly rapped on the door. Enough to get her attention.  

“Come in, come in. Do you need me to mail you an invitation?” A female voice shouted. It was clear, bold, and high, like she was used to constantly projecting because she had been talked over her entire life. There was a buzz on the handle and the door clicked open. I was surprised by what looked back at me in this dark cave of a building. 

The office was lovely. 

It was covered in a variety of lively plants in red pots, dotting a series of black shelves, which lined along each wall. The slabs of fluorescent lights dangling from the ceiling in square chunks were covered in streaks of yellow paper, making a sort of amber glow emit from them. This was pleasant compared to their typical beams, which made everything they illuminated have a sort of sterile deadness to them. On the desk, which looked like authentic and very expensive cherry wood, were heaps of books and papers, with a clear, two-way monitor mounted in the middle of it. Detective Segul was standing behind the towers of notebooks, binders, and clipboards. She extended her hand casually and smiled at me. 

“It is good to know you Adam. I am Detective Iria Segul. I will be your host to all things related to law and order while you are in Rumeo,” she said. I shook her hand carefully. It was tight, callused and strong. Detective Segul was short, thin, but muscular with broad shoulders, long forearms and an overall cloud of stoutness. I could till she spent a fair amount of time honing her physique. Not for superficiality, but for purpose. Working with a bunch of Neanderthals at this precinct meant she had to defend her position at a moment’s notice. It was like being in some sort of ancient Germanic tribe, constantly defending your position with a worn and weighty battle axe. 

Detective Segul was a mixture of Asian and Caucasian descent, with straight black hair styled in a bob cut and curled. Some sort of product that smelled like lavender soaked the room. Her face was narrow, her right cheek had a mole on it, and her nose was buried beneath a pair of brown glasses, which were beyond polished. She was pretty. Enough for me to lose track of my thoughts and be late in my reply.

I wish distractions like that happened more often.

Sorry for the delay. I got caught up being lazy. Story of my life. Genesis Adust continues moving along. I’m loving this story and the cyberpunk setting. If you need to get caught up or read other parts, please visit the page for it and you’ll find them all there. Enjoy.

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