Monday Musings 12/7

  • Woke up in a funk. Not sure why. I think Christmas can be extra stressful for anyone, but especially parents. I just feel some pressure about making the holiday good for my kids. I know my wife is feeling the same way. Seeing your kids happy balances out this worry, but you have to get there first. It is a bit like a marathon I imagine. Constantly drudging through day after day of worrying about money, time, and everything else. With the pandemic happening there is of course added stress. Maybe there is added weight on Christmas because it is a tradition that for most pseudo-christian families it is notoriously easy to maintain, partially because of the capitalistic genetics intertwined with it. It isn’t hard to be vested in a holiday when people get gifts. 
  • This Living Cage (the long awaited sequel to Beware the Ills) is alive and kicking. I’m feeling pretty good about my self-imposed deadlines and the progress I’m making thus far. I’m looking forward to releasing it next fall. I’m very pleased with the direction it is going. It only took me seven years to release the sequel. That is how long I wrote the first book. At least I’m not doing it between customers at the bank. Now it is just on my breaks at work.  
  • Trying to finish off Outlander so I don’t have to pay for Starz again. The hits just keep on coming with that story. The acting is sublime. I never thought I would like historical fiction as much as this, but I do. It has sort of filled my Game of Thrones void with a gritty and dark meshing of fiction.
  • Attack on Titan is finishing up soon. The first episode of season four should be dropping soon. I’m beyond excited. Beyond. Excited. Attack on Titan inspired me to write a ridiculous amount of fiction. It was the direction I wanted to go in with my monster stories. It has inspired me ever since. Can’t wait to see how it ends.
  • Started playing the Secret of Mana remake on the PS4 this weekend. I know it didn’t get a ton of reviews, but it really is fun for me. That game started my love for all things JRPG. I still have the game manual for it too, along with the box. I have played through it hundreds of times. I even wrote a short story called The Water Palace based on one of the settings from the books.
  • After I’m done writing This Living Cage, I’ll be moving on to the fifth book of the Greenland Diaries. I know people are really dying for that one, and sorry it has taken a while. Hopefully there will be conventions starting again at this point next year so I can sell it physically. .  
  • Musings format has sort of changed temporarily. Little less time to work on them. I’ll be back at it next week. I hope everyone out there has a fantastic week. Stay safe. Stay healthy.    

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