Genesis Adust: Part Six – “Iria”

Iria would not require her alarm clock this morning. Her phone. Her watch. The monitor at her desk. All three were partially illuminated in the gloom of her bedroom. They were like shy, electronic suns attempting to break the dark barrier of dawn with their digital displays. She sighed and studied the shadows of her room. The queen-sized bed, the plants curled against the walls, her cat Calvin sleeping by her feet. He let out a slight snore. He was contorted into a crescent shape, like he was a pastry in a bakery counter. The air sitting on her face was cool, and smelled sweet, with mixtures of lavender and laundry detergent competing for the dominant aroma. She tried to focus on these sensations, but she could only really think about one thing.

Three notifications on three different devices meant only one thing.  

There was another murder. 

She stood up and flicked the navy-blue quilt off her naked legs. Calvin let out a chirp and dashed down the hall towards the kitchen for breakfast. Iria stretched her body out while contemplating the next horror. A dozen now dead. All in the same fashion. No rhyme or reason to it. No mob tips. No message from one mafia to another. Just death. Plain and simple. 

Iria stood up and walked to the bathroom. She was wearing black shorts and a tank top. She was short, wirey, with olive skin and long black hair. Her father was from Thailand and her mother was an American. They had been stationed together in Rumeo near its founding when the military was the first infrastructure to appear on this godforsaken island. Her parents still lived here, only in the center of the metropolis where the wealthy and privileged sought sanctuary. She could be working in that sector if she wanted. She had all the connections, but she preferred the violent quagmire of the Neon Quarter. Trying to solve and prevent crimes might have seemed masochistic to some people. Strife beneath the skyscrapers was as constant as the rain.

Before getting dressed, Iria wanted to feed Calvin and drink some tea. A pair of flat wall sconces illuminated a sterile halo of light as she entered the kitchen, revealing a stainless-steel table, matched by a refrigerator and sink of similar substance. There was a counter of white marble separating the dining room from the kitchen. She sat down atop one of the black stools beneath it and pawed at her phone, avoiding the phone calls and texts flashing in from her colleagues. The tea brewed itself next to the refrigerator. The Cat Food Automator had already spun, cut, and dropped some breakfast into a turquoise bowl. Calvin sat noisily next to her nibbling on the bits of jeweled meat. He was a Himalayan. He had a thick coat of snowy fur, a long grey tail, and charcoal face with a pair of blue eyes. He had been the family cat. Her parents insisted he go with her when she moved to the Quarter.  

She was glad to have him. For a one-bedroom apartment, the place was too big just for her. Calvin made it smaller in all the right ways. He explored every white carpeted inch of it, like a drip of ink on a fresh page of paper. Even if Iria didn’t know her home very well, at least he did. 

Iria looked at the time in the corner of her phone. She sighed again. She’d barely be able to practice with her Electric Blade. Her phone rang again as she was staring at it. She couldn’t avoid it anymore. 

“I don’t want to answer it, bud,” She said, petting the cats back. He arched his body into her hand and continued eating.

She clicked the green square and put the phone up to her ear. She could’ve used the automation system to answer it, but she didn’t want anyone to hear the macabre conversation. Her home was soundproof, a must while living in Rumeo. The sounds of the city would never let you sleep. Still, she didn’t want to take any chances. 

“Yes, yes, hello. Another one? You’re sure? Okay. I’ll be in shortly. Was the brain removed like the others? Oh, okay, it was. Just double-checking. Yup. I’ll see you soon lieutenant. Bye.” She said. She rested her head on her forearms. There were a few tattoos on them. One was a castle. The other a medieval cross. She turned to her pet with a frown.

“I never thought I’d say this Calvin after having lived in Rumeo my entire life, but this city has gotten really fucking weird,” Iria said.

The cat let out a quick purr and continued to eat.    

I can’t list all the parts here. I’m going to start running out of room fast. If you need to read a part you missed just visit the Genesis Adust page where all are listed in order for you convenience. Thanks for reading!

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