Monday Musings 11/9

Election stuff, Genesis Adust, and what else is there?

  1. Well, at the time I started writing this, there was still no decision on who our next president will be. And then Joe Biden was announced, and that was it. Still, what a quagmire, but all the political scientists and pundits warned us about how long it would take. I didn’t want to believe them, but of course they were right. I really am proud that for the majority of America, election day went off without a hitch. I’m glad we didn’t dissolve into mindless mobs armed with yard signs. At least not yet. Maybe there is just a little bit of hope still for this country. 
  2. Genesis Adust is off and running. Instead of waiting for the world to provide me the opportunity to write a cyberpunk horror mystery story, I just sort of did it myself. This has been the story of my life with writing. Because I’ve been such an emotional wreck since I was 21, which sort of set back my writing career by about, well, a decade. I have had to scramble for most of my life with this medium, but I did learn that you can’t just wait for the stories to happen. You got to get them out of your head so they stop bullying you around. Time waits for no one. 
  3. Regardless of the outcome of the election and everything else, I do want to pause and appreciate one of the candidates for a moment of humanity during one of the debates. When Joe Biden defended his son’s drug addiction, I was really, really moved. As a father you learn awfully quickly that when your child is struggling with something, alienating or judging them is counterproductive and hurts your own heart as a parent. What Joe Biden did was what good fathers do, they acknowledge the difficulty their child is going through without judging them, and they admit how proud they are of facing this obstacle. It is easy to get mad at your kids for making mistakes, that is the lazy reaction that most of us jump to initially. Understanding that struggle, giving it the recognition your child feels with it, well, it makes them secure with you as a parent.
  4. I will admit, it will be a little bit easier to tell my kids being a good person matters now that Biden has won the presidency. Trump was the epitome of the schoolyard bully stereotype, aggressively bashing his way through every social system of life. With skillful vitriol he constantly attacked other people and their differences to manipulate the spotlight onto him. He didn’t care about how his words hurt and endangered other people out there in the world. He just wanted to be the center of it all, the gravitational force that causes all other objects to orbit around him. That is a brutal way to live your life. 
  5. Enough politics for now. I don’t want to make my blog simply about that, regardless if we just had an election to save American democracy. We’re all in this together. I’m looking forward to us working towards common goals in the spirit of bipartisanship. I’m hopeful but realistic for this phenomenon in American politics. I can sort of sign off on this subject for now and get to work on other topics, like mass media, writing tips, and other miscellaneous flotsam washing about my brain. Overall, I wasn’t trying to take a political stance on things to divide my audience, but more so be honest to who I am as a human being and how I am feeling. If I’m not being authentic, how can you trust me as a reader? 


  • Pikmin 3: Deluxe is a marvelous little game, but insanely stressful. I don’t do as well with games that require so much management. I tend to get overwhelmed, but the beautiful settings are so relaxing, I am simply enchanted enough not to scream. 
  • Halloween came and went so quickly. I already miss it. Not fair. NOT FAIR. 
  • Watching Cowboy Bebop with my kids right now. It is too good. Every episode is like a standalone movie because it is so compacted. The art style, character design, all of it just flows into one beautiful narrative river. 
  • Decided to get STARZ through Hulu and have been watching Outlander. Such an epic love story. I can’t even handle it. Truly great.
  • I have been binging the FiveThirtyEight, the Daily, and NPR Politics podcasts for the last week. They’re very insightful. Ugh. My brain might explode.
  • I have started to keep a mindfulness and mental health journal thing to help me. I’m not in therapy right now, but I’m using all the tools I learned to sort of continue the process. The struggle doesn’t go away. Your understanding of it does improve. 
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone! 

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