Genesis Adust: Part Two – “A Conversation about Monsters”

“You think he’ll put all the pieces together? Sooner than we expect that is,” Ralph said bluntly in a croaky voice. He was awkwardly stretched across the folding chair in front of the desk. He was wearing a black officer uniform with red patches, matching shirt and pants, and a white hat. 

“FYI you need some more comfortable chairs in here. I don’t believe for one second that you don’t have the budgetary might to get some,” he said. Ralph was tall, lanky, white, and dark haired with blueish eyes nestled behind a pair of large glass like baby birds. 

“I like to make people uncomfortable. It makes them cut to the chase a little bit quicker,” Lao laughed from behind a red monitor that was smeared with Post-It notes. Their sloppiness disturbed Ralph, they were like a neon collage of his rapidly overwhelmed mind. Lao was from Thailand, making him one of the few officers who grew up in the country where he was based. He was short, wide, with soft features, and thin silver glasses that were always immaculately clean. He was dressed in a white coat and black tie against a yellow patterned shirt. They were meeting in his office; a crammed rectangle of open boxes, paper piles, and a single metal fan that was constantly spinning in a tedious metallic whine. 

“You know, you can get that fan fixed anytime. Just put in a maintenance request.” Ralph said.

“I like it. I only work effectively when I’m uncomfortable,” Lao replied.

“Yeah, yeah, so what’s the plan for him? You think he’ll put everything together before he should? I mean, you invented the timetable but are you monitoring it,” Ralph said.

“I can’t monitor it until we have more eyes on his shoulders. On the train there was no crowd to hide in or else we would have monitored him there.  We’re setting up surveillance in his motel.”

“He’ll probably catch it,” Ralph said.

“Yeah, we know, it’s met to be caught. It’ll distract him from thermal cameras across the street.” 

“Jesus, if you want him to actually hunt these things down you should let him go about his work and worry about answering his questions later,” Ralph said.

“Because we’re just going to sit down and talk to him after this is all over? If it even ends? If he even survives his initial encounters? Nobody else did.” Lao said. His voice was hoarse and withered from constant phone calls. He pushed back on his chair, which clicked under the weight of his body. He rubbed his forehead with his fingertips, like the anxiety of the situation was simple enough to just massage away.  

“Still no word from Kain in his laboratory by the mine?” He asked.

“No, none. This wouldn’t be happening if he were in control there anyways,” Ralph said. He glanced at his smart watch. How long was this meeting going to drag on for? Lao always had a flair for the dramatic.

“I mean, I figured a few of the freaks would get free and maybe crawl around the city, but not the main events. Kain had them under control.” Lao said.

“I don’t know Doctor. I don’t know.” Ralph said.

“Regardless, we’ll just proceed as planned. You think that detective is getting suspicious of us sending soldier after soldier to her office needing to be briefed?” Lao said.

“She’s probably just suspicious that they keep disappearing, Doctor.” 

Lao sighed and closed his eyes. 

“Fucking christ, what a disaster,” he said, pressing on his temples. He opened his eyes and looked at Ralph, who was staring at a video playing on his watch. 

“What the hell was made in that mine on Mount Rumeo?” Lao said. Ralph shrugged, stood up, and walked to the office door with a sigh. 

Read part one to know what the hell is happening. Released every Wednesday unless I get delayed by the apocalypse and whatnot. Thank you for reading!


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