Hidden Oaks Season Two – Episode Three

It is here. Episode three of season two has dropped. Just like the kids say. Dropped. Like a bag of dirt.

Anyways, we’re already almost halfway through season two of Hidden Oaks. Hard to believe. We have so much left to write but we keep buzzing through things and releasing episodes.

Episode three has some really great stuff in it, including the story I wrote called “The Emerald Hawk Moth.” Some pretty fun lore elements in this one, plus some more monster details. You can find Season Two – Episode Three of Hidden Oaks wherever fine pods are cast. You can also visit our homepage or episodes page.

If you haven’t listened to Hidden Oaks before then you can always start at episode one. Hope you enjoy listening. Have a great rest of the week!

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Author and Blogger from Minneapolis, MN. Author of the novels "Beware the Ills" and "The Greenland Diaries" and the collection of short stories "Seven Monsters." Former executive editor of a literary magazine called Calamities Press. Love to write in the modern publishing environment. I'm a family man who loves football, classic video games, miniature dachshunds, hunting, and fishing. My main story I publish and work on is "The Greenland Diaries," which is published on Kindle and paperback. I also write nonfiction and flash fiction on this site. I am the writer-in-residence at the Robbin Art Gallery.

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