Monday Musings 10/12

Learning while old is hard, honesty about political leanings, Hidden Oaks is back, Genesis Adust launching, and the never ending pandemic.

  1. WordPress updated. The blogging publishing platform is all different. I don’t like change in my interfaces. I’m approaching advanced cellular decay levels (I’m almost forty) so having to learn anything new makes me feel like Rip Van Winkle waking up on that green ridge somewhere in Massachusetts. I’ll get the hang of it. I have no choice. I love blogging way too much not to use WordPress. No, I’m not getting paid to say that. It is true though that I love this medium. I’ve been at war with it my entire life because I was educated in a realm where writers didn’t do online, self-publishing stuff. Well, it is all I got, so I’m going to use it.
  2. I’m just going to throw this out there, I am supporting Joe Biden in this coming election. Everyone should vote. Use your voice to get out there and express yourself politically. I’m not going to try and convince you to vote the way I do. This blog isn’t about that necessarily, though you cannot ever dismiss how much politics plays into everyday life. I tried to distance myself plenty of times from my political identity, but I figure people can accept me and my beliefs if they want and still buy my books or read my stories. The truth is I’m not unwilling to listen or work with conservatives or other points of view. I have people in my life who don’t agree with me on certain issues. That’s completely okay. What is important is we have enough respect for one another to have a dialogue where we can explore another person’s point-of-view. Hell, that is why I write so much fiction; to explore alternate perspectives and the human condition. I would be a hypocrite if I said people didn’t fascinate me. All people.
  3. Hidden Oaks season two is off and running. Give it a listen. I do think it is better than the first season, mostly because we have a vague blueprint of what we’re doing as storytellers. The story arc I write is mostly focused on the monster itself (what a shock, right?). My colleagues all have certain arcs they follow and are responsible for. We cross over plenty, but we all have a certain veins we follow, ready to plunge the needle in at a moments notice. I do like the image of us just walking through some dark chamber where a giant is stored looking for vessels for us to stab with enormous syringes to harvest blood with for some dark purpose. Anyways, we follow this general sort of plan or else it would be complete chaos and our meetings would be like a debate on the Muppet Show or something.
  4. Next Wednesday (10/21) is my launch day for my new continuous serial story Genesis Adust. Yeah. I’m not sure how this one will be received, but damn, I’m finally scratching my Cyberpunk itch. I’m sure there will be some growing pains with it and whatnot, like all projects. I’m planning to release this every Wednesday, but I might sprinkle in some nonfiction essays if I need a break. This one is going to be more mature than other stuff I’ve written. It takes place in our own future after all. A metropolis on the edge of civilization, where strange murders begin happening. A mercenary sharpshooter is brought in to investigate/kill whatever is doing it. Well, the plot just isn’t that simple of course. It’s a mystery. A noir, cyberpunk, mystery.
  5. It’d be great if COVID-19 ended. I’m really quite tired of it. In my state cases are rising like crazy. Hard to believe it has gone on this long, but it makes sense with our terrible response to it, our unwillingness to be responsible human beings, and our complete and utter denial that it is happening. I mean when you factor in those things to it than our failure is more obvious. Some states are doing better than others, but death is still everywhere. Overall, I just want people to be goddamn safe and healthy. You may not feel like it sometimes, I know I get this way plenty, but you do mean something to other people in this world. You have value. You have worth. Don’t put yourself in danger. Stay safe. Stay healthy.


  • Finished the Boys season two. Pretty, pretty, pretty good. I do hate Homelander on an epic level, but still. They’re making his character a tad bit more complex, which is helpful.
  • Making my way through Super Mario Sunshine right now. Bidding time till Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity comes out. Super excited for that one. Got Pikmin 3 reserved as well, which I’ve never played before, but I love that it was inspired by Miyamoto’s love for gardening.
  • Wife and I are playing through Luigi’s Mansion 3. Tis the bewitching season. Luigi’s Mansion 3 is probably the best look game on Switch besides BOTW. The details and design per level is unmatched. Highly recommend it.
  • Listening to a collection of Richard Matheson’s short stories right now. They’re fantastic. Ridiculously depraved and scary. I just finished Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. Too excellent. I hate how good it is.
  • Next in my Audible collection is A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens, which will be my first visit to that story.
  • I did finally finish the FF7 Remake. What an experience that was for me. I can’t speak highly enough of it. It improved upon the original, which is saying a lot.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone!

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Author and Blogger from Minneapolis, MN. Author of the novels "Beware the Ills" and "The Greenland Diaries" and the collection of short stories "Seven Monsters." Former executive editor of a literary magazine called Calamities Press. Love to write in the modern publishing environment. I'm a family man who loves football, classic video games, miniature dachshunds, hunting, and fishing. My main story I publish and work on is "The Greenland Diaries," which is published on Kindle and paperback. I also write nonfiction and flash fiction on this site. I am the writer-in-residence at the Robbin Art Gallery.

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