Hidden Oaks is Back for Season Two

Well, I am completely overdue on sharing this, but Hidden Oaks is back. Season two is underway. Two episodes are already out in the world floating about like two horrendous devils. I sort of got mired down with some technical difficulties or else I would have shared this earlier. Mostly the fact that I’m an old man and they updated WordPress so I had to get used to publishing my posts differently. I don’t like change. I don’t like new ways of doing things. I remember the olden days where you didn’t get to binge watch entire seasons, but had to wait for tv shows to be released on the day they aired. Ugh. Anyways, here are links to the first two episodes of season two.

Season Two Episode One

Season Two Episode Two

You can also get the new podcast episodes from all cool places you groovy kids get podcasts from these days, like Apple, Stitcher, Camelot (not sure if that one is real, but I love the name). The story I wrote for the first episode was entitled “Alice” and I got to write about the 1800’s frontier, which was super cool. For episode two I wrote the story “Escape,” which is full of all sorts of autobiographical tidbits from my past. Season two improves upon the first, since we don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Hidden Oaks is a fantastic story. Listen to it. Review it. Be it. Be the podcast. Visit our page to learn more about it.

Have a lovely day.

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