Free Book Friday

So many free book giveaways. I know this is ridiculously repetitive and obnoxious, but this is the very nature of self-promoting. Anyways, I have two free books today up on the Kindle. They’re free to download for Amazon’s all powerful reading device of omniscient power and delight. All hail Amazon. All hail, turn record over, turn record over. All hail Amazon. So anyways you can find links to both books for free download for the Kindle below:

Beware the Ills

Seven Monsters

If you want to know more about these novels, well, just read them. They’re not a waste of time whatsoever. Beware the Ills was my first book out. It has incredible fight scenes, perspective, and one hell of a villain. I wrote it while I was bank teller. I was worthless at my job. I would spend it just writing the entire time. My second book is Seven Monsters. I wrote and formatted that while I was working at the college. Turns out I just suck at work outside of writing. Seven Monsters actually has a sequel chapter to Beware the Ills, so besides a bunch of great short stories, you get that one as well. So read these books. They’re free. There is an apocalypse. Take the time to read some stuff. It is dark, weird, insightful, and unique. I’m proud of it.

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